WhatsApp brings back the old user status (keeping the new one too); videos now play immediately

Messenger fans Whatsapp, we have news for you! The iOS app was updated today with good news. The most controversial of them, without a doubt, is the return of the old status. But calm there, let me explain everything properly

In the not too distant past, when Mark Zuckerberg was not yet determined to simply annihilate Snapchat, you indicated your status on WhatsApp (if you were available, busy, sleeping, working, running low on battery, etc.) with an efficient message that was next to your name; but, with the advance of his evil plan, the Facebook CEO decided taunt the guy Stories (how you can tell, with photos and / or videos, what your day was like) in everything you do for your conglomerate, including, of course, WhatsApp.


Because today the old-fashioned It is an efficient way for you to show the world your status is back. But no, Zuckerberg did not regret the bullshit of what he did and went back: the two status formats are coexisting in perfect harmony in version 2.17.10 of the messenger. To adjust your status in the form of text in your profile (now called “Message”), go to “Settings” and then tap your name.

In addition, the new version plays videos of your conversations immediately, without having to wait for them to be downloaded. The video itself still needs to be downloaded to your phone while it is playing, but at least you now don't waste any more time waiting for the download to finish. Another novelty is the possibility of touching the moon icon on the WhatsApp camera to better capture photos and videos when it is dark and, when editing a photo, use 3D Touch on the crop icon to crop the image instantly and fill your phone screen. .

Run it and update:

WhatsApp Messenger app icon