WhatsApp begins releasing function that prohibits others from adding you to groups without your permission

From the series:Why was the app launched without it?

In February, we speak here of a function that the Whatsapp I was testing in India, which allowed you to configure in the app who can or not add it to chat groups.

This feature has now begun to be released for more users, including in Brazil.

You must have gone through a similar situation: suddenly, if you see yourself added in groups that you never asked to join, and no matter how much you leave them, there is always someone else who includes you, even against your will. This is because WhatsApp has always allowed anyone to include anyone in groups they create without any control.

Now that will change. You can set up your WhatsApp so that it will force people to send you an invitation before including you in any group. And you only added if you authorize.

Invitations will be valid for 3 days and if not accepted during this period, will expire and are no longer clickable.

By default, this function is turned off and the user should manually activate it, in Settings Account Privacy Groups. There are three adjustment options:

  • All: Anyone can add you to a group without your permission.
  • Contacts Only: Only phone numbers registered in your directory may include you in any group without your consent.
  • My contacts except: Same as the previous option, except that you can individually select contacts you don't want to allow to include in groups.

In February, there was the No One option, which was replaced by the last one. Fortunately, it is easy to select all the excepted contacts, so that no one is allowed to add you.

When an unauthorized person tries to include you in a group, you will see the warning that you need to send an invitation first.

The function is gradually being released to users. You may already find it available in your application, or else you have to wait a little longer (as it seems to be random to availability). To improve your chances, always keep the latest version of the app installed.