WhatsApp + arrives version 5.50 with new update [Atualizado]

WhatsApp + arrives version 5.50 with new update [Atualizado]

You have certainly heard of WhatsApp +, or WhatsApp Plus: This is a modification of the Android messaging app that features different customization options over the original app. The latest news is version 5.50, which, in addition to the usual improvements and bug fixes, brings us some very interesting innovations. Let's go to them.

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You can now download the new version of WhatsApp Plus. AndroidPIT
<p>If you have previously installed WhatsApp +, then you should have received the update notification. In case you accidentally rejected the update, or if you left the screen during the update process, do not worry: you will receive a notification again as soon as you restart the application, or then access this link. </p>
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The v5.50D verse brings the following new features:

  • New "don't stop audio" option in Settings
  • Simplified theme and color preferences, including ability to enable / disable colors via checkboxes.
  • Ability to set a different color for each chat line and contacts.
  • Message counter correction on cone to Samsung, LG and Sony.
  • Bug fixes.

Personally, I encountered some issues with this version of WhatsApp +. Having used the application settings menu for a while, it has stopped working, and generally looks slow and choppy. Let me know if you encounter the same problems!

What do you think about WhatsApp +?

Updated at 11h00 (Brasilia time): Check out a short tutorial on our forum explaining how to install Whatsapp +.

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