Kingston SSD

What’s new in SSDs at the MM Store: price reduction and faster new models, up to 960GB!

We’ve already hit that key a few times here on the site, and now, with this economic crisis and the dollar at the level it is at, it never hurts to remember: if you have a MacBook Pro equipped with HDD and you are no longer finding its performance so good therefore, it is worth investing in the SSD Kit for Macs, which we sell on MM Store.

In addition to being much more affordable than switching computers, you will be amazed at the difference in performance that such a simple switch promotes. If you doubt it, check out this story by reader Alisson Paulinelli Rocha, who made the switch and told us all about it.

Today, thanks to a new negotiation with our suppliers, we have managed to reduce the prices of these kits. Before sold for R $ 549.90 (120GB), R $ 849.90 (240GB) and R $ 1,549.90 (480GB), they now come out respectively for R $ 449.90, R $ 649.90 and R $ 1,149.90!

Kingston SSD

SSD Kit for Macs

in Kingston

Capabilities: 120 GB, 240 GB or 480 GBPerformance: reading up to 450MB / sCompatibility: some Mac models


R $ 449.90

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However, if you are a person who demands even more professional performance, we now have the HyperX Savage SATA III SSD (also from Kingston). His major differences with the kit above are three: he * does * not have an installation kit; on the other hand, it has a transfer rate of 560MB / s (higher than the 450MB / s of kits) and reaches an absurd 960GB of capacity!

With a processor quad-core 8-channel and powered by a Phison S10 controller, you’ll have an incredible speed of up to 560MB / s on your computer for reading and 530MB / s for recording, with IOPs for read / write up to 100k / 99k— that is, efficiency breathtaking!

This SSD is the most advanced way in the MM Store to potentially increase the speed of your system’s response, turning your computer into a high performance machine!