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What's New in iOS 13.1 beta: Shortcuts automation return, new volume indicators, icons, and more!

Apple yesterday released the first test version of the iOS 13.1 Even though I have not yet released iOS 13 to the general public. As we said, this was not a mistake; Strange as it may be, testing of the next version of iOS has indeed begun!

In addition to general improvements, iOS 13.1 includes some new features with respect to the main version, which should be released next September (after the introduction of the new iPhones). Among the changes are the return of the automation section in the Shortcuts app. (Shortcuts), the ability to share the route of the Maps app (Maps), among others.


Removed on iOS 13 beta 5, the Shortcuts automations section returned on iOS 13.1 beta. With it, you can create personal and home automations so that certain actions can be performed when specific situations occur (such as launching an application when you are somewhere, calling someone at a certain time, etc.).

Automao on iOS 13.1Image: Vinicius Porto


The Maps app's option to share directions has returned to the platform, allowing users to send their estimated arrival time to friends or family after directions to a specific location are entered.

Maps on iOS 13.1Image: Vinicius Porto

Also, when deleting a collection of places from Maps, the user should confirm the action. The feature to add places specific lists will be introduced in iOS 13.

Volume indicator

Unlike the volume indicator present on all iOS 13 betas, the new sidebar will indicate, in version 13.1, which device you are changing the volume from.

Volume indicator on iOS 13.1

This means that when changing the volume of the AirPods, for example, a headset icon will be displayed; The same is true for HomePod, Powerbeats Pro and other Beats headphones.


In iOS 13.1, you can also see which apps were installed from Apple's app testing platform, TestFlight.

TestFlight Apps on iOS 13.1

Unlike new apps installed by the App Store (which are indicated by a blue dot), software downloaded by TestFlight will have a yellow dot next to the name.


Smart Home device icons compatible with the Home app (Home) have been updated and will feature even more details in iOS 13.1. These same icons were added to the latest beta of macOS Catalina 10.15.

Image: Vinicius Porto

Wallpapers (wallpapers)

Apple has made some adjustments to dynamic wallpapers, changing the overall look and color of some of them.

Live wallpapers on iOS 13.1Image: Vinicius Porto

Other new features in iOS 13.1 include:

  • Minor tweaks to the “Personal Access” section of the Settings app, including a new option to automatically share with Family Sharing members;
Personal Access on iOS 13.1Image: Vinicius Porto
  • New option in Book Settings which monitors the time spent reading books and PDFs, in addition to setting reading goals;
IOS 13 reading timeImage: Vinicius Porto
  • New symbols for console controls in widget of batteries;
  • Support Support mice On iOS / iPadOS 13 between changes, you can now combine the right-click function with 3D Touch / Haptic Touch;
  • HEVC alpha channel video encoding for greater efficiency;
  • New link in Font Settings which directs users to the App Store;
  • On Apple Watch, the Nike + Run Club app has been renamed to Nike Run Club, and the section “Brightness and Text Size” is renamed “Brightness and Screen”;
  • The Mail app has gained support for blocked Phone, FaceTime, and iMessage contact lists. The option can be activated by the user in Mail Settings.

via MacRumors, 9to5Mac, iClarified