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Whatever you do, don't call this new concept the Apple Galaxy S8 “iPhone X”

I think at this point it is already raining in the wet to stay here repeating what Apple (most likely) will present in terms of news for the line of iPhones in 2017. Apparently, we will see two models that will replace the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (“7s” and “7s Plus”, following the logic) and a new model, celebrating the ten years of Ma's first smartphone, which from what we have heard so far can be called "iPhone 8", "iPhone Edition" or, as I prefer and will refer to until Tim Cook obliges me otherwise, IPhone X.

We have already speculated a lot and we saw a lot of concepts and mockups about this spectacular new iPhone, discussing its possible curved borderless display, the positioning of the front components (camera, touch ID and sensors) and the materials that make up your beautiful body. To add some more wood to the fire, however, the designer Benjamin Geskin produced for the iDropNews a lot of new renders than he believes to be the "iPhone X" based on all the rumors heard so far.

There is only one problem, that I will have to count on your kindness for all to collectively ignore: this mockup is more than a little like what is most likely to be the Galaxy S8.

Despite the distinct resemblance to Samsung's next flagship, the mockup by Geskin covers all current speculation about the "iPhone X" with the curved screen and the integrated Touch ID. The designer did not even include more technical details in his project, such as specifying the materials on the back of the device or setting a screen size although by one of the images it is possible to verify that his concept has (too) a size very similar to the 5.8 inch Galaxy S8.

One question, however, remains an unknown one: is it really that the device comes with these small edges at the top and bottom? It seems to me the simplest solution to get around the problem of front components, but it totally breaks Jony Ive's vision of building a device that “just a piece of uninterrupted glass”. Maybe technology still doesn't allow such a feat? Or no. We'll have to wait until the second half to find out.

(via 9to5Mac)