what you can / can’t do with the pencil on iPad Pro

Using Apple Pencil with tracing paper

Apple Pencil has been the subject of some interesting articles here on MacMagazineBut believe me: there is still something to talk about this small, desired and controversial accessory.

He is capable of many things, such as recognizing the force / pressure and the inclination of your stroke which consequently influences the design you are making.

When the person has the pencil in hand, however, it is inevitable to use it to interact with iOS, «replacing» the finger.

It is definitely not something Apple wants, but it is inevitable at least at certain times.

In most tasks, you can ?swap? your finger for the pencil.

Want examples? Open apps, scroll a page in Safari, open links, type on the keyboard (including on third-party keyboards based on gestures), unlock the iPad (by typing the password on the Locked Screen), ?call? Spotlight, among other things.

However, you are unable to interact with the corners of the screen.

That is, it is not possible to open the Notification Center, the Control Center or even evoke the resources Slide Over and Split View.

It is worth noting that even when using Pencil to ?replace? the finger, the user can support the hand on the iPad Pro screen without problems as the display can cancel / reject these touches even in applications that have not been updated to support Apple Pencil.

Using Apple Pencil with tracing paper

But one of the coolest things, at least for me, is the possibility of tracing (copying a drawing that is on tracing paper, for example, to the iPad Pro screen).

This one I think nobody expected

As much as Apple Pencil does not have some basic things (like an eraser on top), so far its reviews are in general very positive.

(via AppleInsider)