What would a new iMac be inspired by the classic G4 “Lamp”?

What would a new iMac be inspired by the classic G4 “Lamp”?

As a Mac user since 2000, I have a deep regret for never investing in a iMac G4. I even had two G3 iMacs, went for a PowerBook G3 Pismo and then went back to desktops already for an iMac G5.

For those who do not remember this beauty:

iMac G4

While I think it is unlikely that Apple will ever revive this design, imagining is no harm to anyone. And that's what Xhakomo Doda did, in a concept published a long time ago in Behance but brought up this week by Steve Troughton-Smith.

In renders very realistic, which you can see in the gallery above, we have a vision of what would be a modern iMac G4 “Table Lamp”, all made of aluminum anodized in the current classic space gray color of Apple. The screen, of course, would be huge and almost frameless.

Although I fell in love with the idea, it should also be noted that Doda traveled in mayonnaise with this all-touchscreen keyboard and I highly doubt that a mouse like the one he designed would have good ergonomics. But anyway, no, details.

If Apple is really going to revamp the iMac's design soon, I think it's more likely to follow a path like this one, inspired by the Pro Display XDR.