What will come in iOS 12/13 and how Apple intends to improve the quality of its software

At the end of last month, we heard about the possibility that Apple could postpone the big news in operating systems to 2019 and, this year, focus mainly on security and quality improvements.

For now the Bloomberg shed light on this issue, detailing more about how Ma improves its systems and what is expected for both iOS 12 as for the iOS 13.

Change of strategy

The publication says that Craig Federighi, head of Apple software, would have presented a new strategy to his team last month, so that they “have more time to work on new features and focus on refinements without worrying about a list of new features to be updated annually, simply so that the company can promote a huge leap year-on-year ”. This, in fact, would change the entire culture of the company.

As a matter of fact, we have seen several promised features not even arriving for users or then arriving with many bugs. The change in strategy is basically a way for Apple to admit that its annual update schedule is not being beneficial to the company, something that many of us have already noticed and commented on.

What's new in iOS 12 and macOS 10.14

We, users, will already see the impacts of this new strategy this year, with iOS 12, which circulates internally with the code name "Peace" ("Peace" is a good name for this new phase, isn't it?).

According to Mark Gurman, author of the text, we can expect news for Animojis (which will have new characters) and an improved navigation menu. The Animojis, incidentally, would also reach the iPads this, in a new model that has already been rumored and that supposedly come with the front camera TrueDepth (Face ID).


In addition, animated pets could be used in FaceTime calls, which, in turn, would also bring news such as group calls (this feature may not arrive exactly this year).

For 2018, we also see news on the native app Bolsa (Stocks), an updated version of “No Disturb” (which would give users more customization options, such as rejecting some calls and silencing certain notifications), improvements to Siri integration with iPhone search, a new design / interface for importing photos into a iPad from anywhere and also the possibility for several people to play the same augmented reality game together.

Of all the novelties, however, the most desired at least for developers would be the possibility to make a single application work on both iPhones / iPads and Macs. MacOS would also have to undergo a transformation. And version 10.14, internally calls it "Liberty" (“Freedom”), focuses on exactly that. Thus, Apple could take some apps that are now only on iOS for macOS, such as Casa (Home), Podcasts and others. Among the features that have already been announced by the company, there is also a tool for parents to know how long their children have been using the iPhone / iPad.

What's new in iOS 13

What we know so far that the most important updates would remain for 2019. However, being a little further away, little is known what the resources will actually be implemented in the system. Still, sources say that Apple's plan would be to introduce some features for the Apple Pencil and also for the Mail app, which would support silencing specific conversation notifications.

On the iPad, it would be possible to run multiple windows in an application (such as the tabs of a browser) as it does on the Mac, and also have two windows of the same application side by side.

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How will this new strategy impact the number of iOS updates? Will users be satisfied with this new upgrade policy?