6 things everyone should do with their Android smartphone

what were the highlights of the first semester?

6 things everyone should do with their Android smartphone


The year begins with CES, in Las Vegas, which is always the stage for major releases. The most interesting thing about this technology fair is that the highlights are not due to smartphones, but we also know many news in the area of ​​SmartHome and Virtual Reality. Regarding cell phones, we had the launch of the Zenfone 3 Zoom and Zenfone AR, the first focused on photography and the second for augmented reality.

LG, in turn, presented the LG K line, a success in Brazil, which has remained little changed. The highlight of this generation, as always, is the LG K10 Novo model.

AndroidPIT NOKIA 6 5995

Nokia 6 / © NextPit

No other manufacturer yielded as much in January as Nokia, as it was at CES that the manufacturer revealed its first Android smartphone, the Nokia 6, to the world. Other launches from Huawei and Alcatel also appeared at the fair, and you can see a summary of the main ads in this article:


If January is the month of CES, February is MWC (Mobile World Congress). This is one of the main events of the year for those who like smartphones, since it reserves new features that are focused only on this universe. Many announcements took place at MWC, but the highlights were on account of Nokia, LG and Lenovo.

Lenovo introduced the new Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus, two new devices that arrived betting on the neat look and new experiences of use. Nokia, on the other hand, presented us with a launch, let’s say, hilarious, which was the successor to the Nokia 3310. For those who don’t know, the 3310 was a conventional cell phone that the company launched in the 2000s, and became a great worldwide success.

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moto g5 g5 plus comparative apit six

Moto G5 and Moto G5 Plus / © NextPit

Another major highlight of February, still at MWC, was the LG G6. The G6 was one of the most anticipated releases for that month, since it would be responsible for erasing the LG G5 sales fiasco from users’ memory. The South Korean company did not have much success with the device that had a design inspired by the modular concept. However, the new launch of the brand was well received by the press and users.

AndroidPIT nokia 3310 7360

LG G6 and Nokia 3310 were also highlights of the MWC 2017 / © NextPit

Sony was another company that made announcements at the fair and, by the way, they were not few. We had Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XA1, Xperia XA1 Ultra and Xperia XZs. All of these models are already on sale in many countries, including Brazil. In addition to these manufacturers, MWC was the scene of launches by BlackBerry, Huawei and many other manufacturers. The summary with the highlights you can check here:


After two months with countless launches, March was a little more relaxed. Only one manufacturer made a big announcement, drawing all attention to itself. I’m talking about Samsung and its Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +, which are simply one of the best smartphones of the year.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S8plus 2055

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + / © NextPit

The South Korean company bet on a new design with infinite borders, a different-looking screen and also a new version of its popular user interface, TouchWiz. Of course, the news brought other novelties and point improvements, such as a more powerful processor, improved camera and the virtual assistant Bixby.


The month of April brought us little news, but still important. They were left to Xiaomi and Quantum. The Chinese manufacturer revealed to the world its most powerful smartphone at the moment, the Mi 6. The expectation around this device was quite high, since the manufacturer was willing to regain its popularity and also its prestige with expressive sales in the Chinese market.

AndroidPIT xiaomi mi 6 0254

Xiaomi Mi 6 / © NextPit

Quantum, in turn, updated the Muv line that is present in the intermediate / entry segment. The model launched by the company was Quantum Muv Up with very interesting hardware.

quantum muv up back review

Quantum Muv Up / © NextPit


In May there was little news, as well as April. Quantum launched Quantum GO 2, the second version of the Brazilian company’s debut smartphone. The model arrived with a very interesting proposal and with a competitive price. The focus of this new version is the design, which has been optimized and is more modern.

AndroidPIT HTC U 11 4677

HTC U 11 / © NextPit

Another successful launch of that month was the HTC U11. This release revealed to the world a new version of the Sense Companion interface with support for Sense Edge. This causes the U11 to activate system resources when the user presses one of its side edges, or both at the same time. It was a very interesting innovation.


On the first of June, Motorola presented the Moto Z2 Play in São Paulo, another smartphone long awaited by the community. It brought a new look, thinner and more elegant, and also controversial when arriving with a reduced battery in comparison to its predecessor, the Moto Z Play. Despite criticism in this regard, the Z2 Play was well received by users, mainly for delivering a very complete set of hardware.

moto z2 play front screen review

Moto Z2 Play / © NextPit

Also during June, Motorola announced two new models for the entry and intermediate segment. The Moto E4 Plus arrived with modest hardware and a giant 5,000 mAh battery. The launch was the first after two years without ads for the Moto E series in the country. In addition, the company decided to bet again on the entry segment with the Moto C, model with simple hardware and relatively affordable price.

June was not a month of launches only by Motorola, but we had other very interesting products. OnePlus launched in the last weeks of June the OnePlus 5, another model that was highly expected by the community. One of the strengths of this new smartphone is the camera, which consists of two lenses, and also the design.

AndroidPIT oneplus 5 0206

OnePlus 5 / © NextPit

Of course, some launches took place around the world during the first six months of the year, but in this article we decided to separate the main highlights of the period. Do you think any major releases were left out of our selection? Which one?

This article was made in partnership with the editor Benoit Pepicq, from AndroidPIT.fr