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What to expect from CES 2014? We are ready to take off!

Suitcases, I'm going to CES 2014 in Las Vegas, USA! After my great experience during the IFA 2013 in Berlin, I know that the 47th annual conference in "Sin City" will be very different. I confess that attending two of the largest consumer electronics conventions in the world is really a great opportunity. While I am still not sure exactly what to show in terms of smartphones and tablets, I am sure I will be surprised by tons of other innovations underway, such as 3D printers, wearable devices, giant 4K TVs, and displays. Samsung and LG curves, Audi Android cars, Qualcomm and Nvidia chipsets among others. Check out some of my guess for # CES2014!

CES2014 forecasts
CES 2014 takes place in Las Vegas, USA on January 7, 8, 9 and 10!

The attack plan

Landing on Friday night and the conference does not officially start until the 7th, but that does not mean that things are not on their way. Not much time for the tables blackjackThe first stop will be the "CES Unveiled", exclusive press events, which take place on Sunday afternoon. That is, we will have the presentation of major manufacturers like Sony, LG and other companies that will show what they have up their sleeve for the current year.

Monday (6) will be a dedicated morning press until late at night, and I will be running the CES pavilions like a true marathon runner. The day starts with the LG press conference, then I rush to the ASUS booth and then to Samsung. And the day will end with the Sony press conference.

androidpit lg curved 4k tv ces
4k TVs are one of the promises of the year! Mashable / AndroidPIT

What we will see … and what we will not see

In terms of news and releases, everything still seems to be a mystery. But I don't think we'll have any big announcements at CES this year, at least we expect nothing like Samsung's "unpacked" events, for example. The Mobile World Congress is the likely fair for the launch of flagships like the Galaxy S5 and company. That said, we may have a chance to see the Note 3 Lite and some new Samsung Galaxy Tabs.

Wearable devices

The lack of big surprises also applies to wearable devices, those gadgets we can "wear". We will probably see thousands of wearables low endIt's a trend that really started in 2013 with Samsung's official launch of the Galaxy Gear, even with its ups and downs. The devices wearables I will also become associated with sports and health, so I will keep my eyes alert to bring information in this regard. We can see G Health, LG's fitness bracelet, and G Arch, the manufacturer's smartwatch. I hope to be met by the big tech companies.

galaxy gear s voice interface preview

Another possibility we have some Google Glass competitors at this year's CES. Companies that develop such devices, such as Recon Jet, will have some sports enthusiasts parading through the crowd at the fair.

Sony, Samsung, LG and NVIDIA

On January 7, CES officially begins, and with it, a visit to company booths and meetings with press representatives. At noon, I have a meeting with Sony, where I will learn more about a new low-end phone called the Xperia E2, as well as having the opportunity to learn more about the supposed Sony Xperia Z1s, a smaller version, but still powerful of the Z1. Sony could also present a SmartWatch, this would be the third of the Japanese. After that, my next stop will be the Gibson Guitar booth for a Happy Hour Jam Party and finally the official WD Fan party.

Then be the turn of a visit NVIDIA team. The maker of the famous Tegra processors can debut their new Tegra 5 SoC and with it, maybe even a new tablet or console?

lg g flex ces 2014
LG / AndroidPIT

On the 8th, it will be time to confirm with LG and Samsung representatives what the plans will be for 2014 and to test some of the new devices launched only in Asia, such as LG G Flex and Galaxy Round. Both companies are really changing the way we think about smartphones and, in my opinion, this is the beginning of many changes yet to come. So it seems that the motto is not only bigger and better screens, but also a change of shapes for better use. Still about LG, we will not see the LG G3, but there is a possibility that we have the G2 mini in hand.

galaxyroundbatt ces
Samsung / AndroidPIT

Smartphones and wearables Partly, I'm looking forward to 3D printers, which still seem to be in the beta phase of their development. Let's see if companies are able to come up with something cheap and easy to use for 3D printing.

We here on AndroidPIT are very excited to see what will be shown at CES 2014 and we will cover the innovations and new technologies presented at the fair. Surely we will have many more news coming up, my list of what to expect from CES is not yet complete, so would you like to know what you think we will have this year?

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