Retro Arch

What to do with an old or weak computer?

Got an old computer you no longer use? How about turning it into a console?

Do you have an old machine or a slightly weak PC / Notebook for your current job? How about giving a very cool utility in it?

Retro arch

Turn your computer into an "old" console

Everyone who lived their childhood in the age of 8 and 16-bit consoles should miss the time life was playing, watching cartoons and eating only, over time life begins to charge more than the only way to feel lighter relive some good moments of childhood.

Video Description:

In the name of the nostalgia of the entire generation that lived especially in the 1990s, meet RetroArch, an emulator of all the famous ancient islands. A great option for you to bring your old or weak PC to life, the one you left leaning against a corner! :]

Xubuntu Core: – It can be used with base system, it is basically an Ubuntu with XFCE without installed programs, just to give you the basics of an XFCE interface system, it can be used in this way in just about any machine.

Enjoy it!

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