What to do when the phone does not charge? See 5 tips

Why does a mobile phone not charge?

Either your phone does not charge fully when plugged in, or the connection drops, or the device charges very slowly sometimes, just a little faster than the speed at which the battery is consumed. This is really a very common complaint, which even affected me on a device of its own.

Below are some tips for solving the issue, and it's best that you can do any of them yourself.

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Most charging issues are related to the adapter or cable, or even USB port / AndroidPIT

1. Repair the USB port yourself

The quickest, easiest and often successful way is to simply do a minor repair of your hardware. The problem is that the metal surface inside the USB port and the micro-USB charger are not having good contact, either by factory default because of the constant plugging in and unplugging of the charging cable.

All you need to do is turn off the device, remove the battery (if possible), and use something small on a stick, for example to "leverage" the small "tab" inside the USB port on your smartphone or tablet. Do it very carefully and gently, replace the battery and turn it on again. Nine times out of ten this is all that needs to be done.

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Check the opening of your smartphone's USB port, maybe the input is not connecting properly / AndroidPIT

2. Exchange cables and adapters

The most fragile part of a charger is undoubtedly the cable, not the adapter that plugs into the wall socket. So if your device is having charging problems and the previous solution didn't help, you may have a faulty cable.

Before you rush out to buy a replacement, just grab a spare USB cable from another device and try it instead. Often the cable will wear out from the inside as it is constantly being coiled, twisted or anything else. Instead of buying a new charger, you may only need a new cable.

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Cables are easily damaged. Be careful when storing them in your bag or backpack / AndroidPIT

Original cables are always recommended, but often cost an unrealistic price. There are sites where you can buy good brands without having to spend so much, just search.

Similarly, if the cable does not seem to be the problem, check the wall outlet adapter. Also, check the same charger / cable combination on a different device and see if it works normally.

3. Do a cleaning: remove the dirt!

Sometimes, the reason why a device is not charging properly is because there is something lodged in the door, or there is just a lot of debris blocking the connection.

Lint from your pocket, dirt and other trash can get in every corner on a smartphone, so take a look to make sure there isn't something housed inside the micro-USB port (or the charging cable either).

AndroidPIT LG G3 8
Clean up any dirt that is disrupting the connection between the input and micro-USB output / AndroidPIT

You can very carefully use a page and a toothpick, also using a flashlight to help illuminate the entrance. Avoid using cotton swabs, cotton and toilet paper, which leave waste. Do not use any liquid here!

Of course, also make sure you never charge your phone near water or in excessively hot or humid conditions. Also, don't overcharge your device by charging overnight when the battery only needs 2-3 hours.

In fact, modern handsets can detect when battery charging is complete without danger of overcharging as long as the equipment is original. If you have not been tested for safety, charging may continue even at full load and may eventually cause problems.

So if your equipment is "generic", we reaffirm: leaving it overnight can be a bad idea.

4. Replace the battery.

If your old device seems to be acting very strangely with regard to the battery, it may be defective. If your Android has a removable back cover, remove it and check if the battery is not deformed, leaking or any other problem.

If it is, remove it immediately and clean the area carefully to prevent corrosion. If the cover is not removable, you can place the phone on the table and try rotating it to see if the battery is bulging or deformed (do not be alarmed by the result may be just the design of the phone). Replace the battery with an original from the manufacturer or a trusted third party.

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If you will replace the battery, try buying an official model / AndroidPIT

Once again, you can find batteries in some good stores on the internet. You just need to research carefully to get original and quality products.

A new battery should last about two years before it needs to be replaced, although this depends on the number of charge and discharge cycles. If this seems necessary in a short time, check your warranty: you may be eligible for a free replacement.

5. Charge the appliance

Charging from a wall outlet will always be faster than through a PC or laptop. This is because, although the voltage of a wall charger and the USB port of the PC is the same, 5V, the electric current from the USB port of the PC generates a lower power (proportional to the current).

With the exception of the turbo charger this one has more voltage but not twice, 9V or 12V, depending on the chipset. As it has higher voltage, it has higher power, which is currently limited to 15 Watts. Although Qualcomm says that 60, but the other story.

Of course, if you are using another charger cable and an adapter that came with the phone, it may also be that the charger is not powerful enough for your device. For example: If you are using a charger that came with a Bluetooth headset, it may simply be unable to charge your device.

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Your computer may not charge your Android battery as fast as an outlet / AndroidPIT

There may also be a problem with your outlet, but this is much less likely. To charge faster, turn on airplane mode or turn off the phone.

If all else fails, just make sure the power point is on and working. This is the first thing a technical team will ask if you call the manufacturer for help, which is probably your next step if none of these options worked for you.

Have you ever had a smartphone that didn't carry? What was the problem and how did you solve it?

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