What to do when Contacts disappear from iPhone or iPad?

For some time now, several readers have been complaining to us that their contacts simply “disappeared” from the device overnight. This happens in some cases, usually after system updates, because of a small bug at iCloud sync.

See below how to resolve these cases.

THE iCloud has brought an immense facility since it was launched: synchronize our contacts with all devices, in addition to our Mac. You add an address on iPhone and PIMBA, it automatically appears on your iPad as well.

But in the computer world, nothing is perfect. Although we here at the Blog have never seen any problem related to this, with many this synchronization fails, it seems that all contacts have been deleted. If this happens to you, stay calm, as they are probably still there in the cloud and just haven’t been synchronized with your device.

Here’s what to do if your contacts suddenly disappear without explanation:

Step 1 – Make sure they are still on iCloud

To find out if your contacts are still stored in the cloud, you’ll need to access the iCloud page (iCloud.com) via a computer. Enter your password and login (you remember them, right?) And click on the Contacts icon. If they are all there, you can proceed without fear to the next step.

Contacts on iCloud

Step 2 – Restore synchronization

If the contacts are still in your iCloud account, but have disappeared from the device, then the problem is synchronization. The best thing to do is to disconnect the account on the iPhone (or iPad) and connect again, so the synchronization is restored. On your device, go to Settings> iCloud and turn off the option Contacts. Choose “Erase from My iPhone”And wait 5 seconds. After that, turn on the same option again Contacts.

icloud1 icloud2

In-app Contacts, make sure that in the option Groups (button at the top left of the screen) you selected the right one.

Step 3 – Check where your contacts are synced

If the previous two steps did not work for you, it is possible that you have synchronized your contacts with other service.

I explain: it is common for users to use other synchronization services, such as Google, Outlook and Yahoo, installing the respective applications and activating them in Settings to also synchronize contacts. Then, when they change devices, they end up not installing these applications and with that they no longer find the contacts they had on the old device. That’s because these contacts were never synced to iCloud.

The solution, in this case, is to add the service account you used (Google, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) on the device and activate the synchronization of the contacts on the system. To do this, open Settings and go to Passwords and Accounts> Add Account.

If when you synchronize the account, you start to see all the contacts that are gone, it is because they were really synchronized with the other service and not with iCloud.

There is no simple and automatic way to transfer these contacts to iCloud and you will have to try to do this manually. In another article, we teach you how to transfer contacts from Google Calendar to the Apple cloud:

This is a very common problem among iPhone and iPad users. Bookmark this article and share it with friends and family, so they don’t experience it. Also check out our other iOS tips here at BDI.