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What to do after buying an Android smartphone?

Tips, apps and settings to make your smartphone perfect for everyday use

Then comes the big moment of your life, that moment when you get the much-dreamed Smartphone, that being your new pocket computer, you turn on the device with teary eyes and realize that you can't handle anything …

To help you just bought an Android Smartphone, if you bought an iPhone, take a look at our article "Bought an iPhone now?" Android smartphones

First contact with the device

There are several models of smartphones that take Android with you, but let's look at the most famous models of Samsung Galaxy line, possibly the Android system will be identical in all, respecting the version that is installed depending on the model and some minor modification made by Samsung (in the example).

First steps

In the first startup, if you have not purchased a device that has already been plugged in at the store, it will ask you to do the basic settings of the device, interesting to have it connected to the internet so that it will make updates if necessary.

Google account

Setting up Google Account on Android

Every Android smartphone to be fully used must be set up with a Google account, if you have a Gmail, YouTube, Google+ or any other company service you may already have a Google account, so just sign in with it Otherwise, if you can create a pro phone boot process, you can use the device without using a Google account, but you will not be able to install Apps through Google Play, which makes the Smartphone just a regular phone.

First Settings on Android System

I will try not to go into detail about shortcuts and ways to use Android work areas because the article would get too big and not quite the point.

So here are the first changes to make your Android tweaked.


A Smartphone is not an ordinary device, so it will not keep the battery for a week as did your Nokia brick, but there are some cautions that can extend the life of the device.

In case you didn't notice, the notifications menu, the same one that is on top of your screen, where it has the battery indicator and clock slides down, sliding it you will see some simple shortcuts to enable and disable BlueTooth, Wi- fi, GPS, Silent, Rotation and depending on version of Android to 3G Internet.

The tip is to leave everything you are not using disabled, if you are not using Bluetooth you do not need it turned on, this should already extend the battery life.

Application Access

This modification is important, so you can install apps from outside of Google Play and access your Android storage from your computer like a thumb drive, so you can pass music, photos and files in general.

Browse the settings menu in your Android apps, browse the Apps (or Apps depending on Android version) session, enable the "Unknown Sources" option so you can install APKs from outside of Google Play. Below you have an option called development, click on it and check the "USB Debugging" option I don't remember as the name given to this Android 4.1 option, if anyone knows leave in the comments to complement the article but something similar.


Segurana on Android

Before we start downloading apps for Android, we have to worry about other details, a Smartphone contains a lot of your information, all your digital life, emails, social networks, documents, photos are just a few examples of things you can drop into the wrong hands by some oversight.

Set a screen lock pattern

In the settings app you will see an option called "Location and Security", in this session you will find several options for setting password for your SIM card, but I want to give a special highlight to the screen lock, set a lock method, either Drawing the "balls" on the screen, using password or PIN code, be careful not to make your Smartphone accessible to anyone.


Virus on Android is not so common but it can happen, so we advise you to use a good antivirus, my suggestion is Avast for Android, which proves to be light and effective, as well as having some other security functions.

Theft Prevention

This is one of the things you do not have much to do if it happens, hopefully not, but it is possible to use some applications to try to recover your lost or stolen device, one of them is Prey, which also works for Notebooks and Android Lost.

Smartphone Management

Android unlike iPhone does not have standard management software such as iTunes, if you have a Samsung Galaxy you can use Kies which is similar to iTunes software, the advantage of installing Kies on Windows is that it brings all the drivers of iTunes. your device, apart from that, the only real advantage is that with it you can manage the firmware version of the smartphone.

Apart from that, we have Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, etc) that doesn't need Kies because it already has the modules included in the kernel.

There are good options for managing Android in general regardless of platform, Windows, Linux or Mac and also regardless of device, so we can use an application called AirDroid, read more about it in this article.

Installing applications

Apps for your Android Smartphone

This is perhaps the most fun part, after all, what would a Smartphone without its apps look like, now let's show you a basic collection of apps to make your Smartphone as useful as a computer.

We have a huge list of apps for you here but we will show you the most essential and yet some may be discarded as each user is different.

If you love to be connected to the internet, maybe these are the best, I'll put the download link directly from each of their Google Play.

Most likely it is already installed on your Android, with it you will be able to access all your emails from the Google service.

Evernote, in my opinion, is the best note-taking app, as it has a Google Chrome app, it's easy to sync your notes with your computer and smartphone.

Google Cloud Storage Service Client

QR Codes are spread throughout the city, it is essential to have a reader on the smartphone.

A complete Office suite with program for text, spreadsheets and presentations.

PDF reader.

An app to facilitate the activation of 3G internet on your Android

If you often chat with people from Facebook, Skype, GTalk and MSN how about putting all services together in one app?

Sure, there are apps for every social network you join and thousands of other apps, many useful and not so much but I will let you explore on your own that it is much more fun, I believe the ones I have siteted are the most basic in an installation.

If you want a more comprehensive and categorized list visit this link.


Games are almost fundamental, whether it is to play games or just to spend time in a relaxing moment. Point out which are the best games a little difficult then check out which ones, in our opinion, are the most addictive games for Android and make sure you visit our Android games section by clicking here. That's it guys, I hope the article was useful for you who just bought your Android Smartphone, there will always be questions, make use of our Facebook group to take them off Android World Brazil and you already have an Android new how about downloading the blog app? Link below.

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