What the “new” Siri can do (and what it can't) on iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3

Apple finally updated its operating systems today and we, Brazilians, won a very interesting bonus: Crab became smarter for us.

In addition to starting to give football results, she also arrived on Apple TV (in our language) and is now able to search the content of the iTunes Store and some platforms. streaming all this thanks to the integration with the app TV, which is also making its debut on national territory.

However, not everything is yet clear: after all, what is this new Siri or not able to do? Where does it slide? Will she be able to overcome the language barrier and understand questions with terms in two different languages? Fear nothing: all these questions will be answered below.

Football information

In the list of news for iOS 11.3, Apple makes it very clear that the information that Siri manages to capture refers only to the Brazilian Championship (Series A), that is, at least until next month, the resource will be more or less useless for basically everybody.

Not even the Copa do Brasil, the Libertadores and the state championships (which are already ending, really) are not included in the resource.

So, if you ask about the last match of your team, the assistant will return to December last year to tell you the result of the game regarding the last round of the Brazilian 2017.

Siri giving results of the Brazilian Championship on the iPhone

This, of course, if you support one of the 20 teams in the first division if your club is not in the elite of Brazilian football, it does not exist for Siri at least for now.

Siri giving results of the Brazilian Championship on the iPhone

That said, the assistant even has a reasonable degree of intelligence in football matters.

You can ask her about her team's results, information about the next match, ranking and ranking of the championship.

It would be interesting to see Apple expand this coverage to other championships and teams, but at least a good start.

Siri on Apple TV

Siri on Apple TV

Just as in football, Siri's skills in the field of television are not yet particularly broad, but they already break a branch.

Here, the limitations are basically the same as for the TV app (because the two basically work together), that is: you can only search for content from the iTunes Store and the five services of streaming supported by the app: Globo Play, PlayKids, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video and Mubi.

Like the rest of the world, Netflix is ​​out of the picture (and there is no sign that it will change its mind).

Siri in Portuguese on Apple TV

With that in mind, the range of possibilities is quite wide.

You can ask Siri to watch something specific (for example, "I want to watch‘ The Raiders of the Lost Ark '") or request suggestions (" Show me the best adventure movies "or" I want good children's shows ").

It is also possible to refine the searches with the results on the screen, saying, for example, "only those from the 80s" or "only those with Sean Connery".

Siri in Portuguese on Apple TV

Siri also offers playback controls: just say “turn on the subtitles” to activate them or “go two minutes forward” to skip an unpleasant scene.

You can also ask “what did he say?” To the assistant to return to the scene in 30 seconds and activate subtitles temporarily, or ask questions about the content being shown, such as “who is the cast in this series?” Or “who directed this film? ? ”.

Siri in Portuguese on Apple TV

Siri's television skills also extend to iPhones, iPads and iPod touch.

In them, of course, it is not possible to control the reproduction of the displayed content, but you can obtain information about films and series, receive suggestions and research if any specific production is on any of the platforms you subscribe to.

Incidentally, it is good to remember that, even with the TV app, none of this will be of much value if you are not a subscriber to any (or all) of the streaming encompassed by the platform.

"Siri "Siri

Continuing on Apple TV, Apple Music can also be controlled by Siri; just ask her to play a particular song or album.

You can even ask her to play hits from the 1990s, today's top 10 pop songs or song # 1 on April 27, 1983.

You can also ask Siri to skip a certain song or even include it in your library.

However, it is worth noting that Siri still has * quite * difficulty with foreign names for both music and artists, including actors and directors (a type of interaction you may have while watching movies, for example).

In fact, even with Brazilian names that are a little more complex, you may have problems, let alone foreigners.

To complete Siri's capabilities on tvOS, she can still open a certain app, show apps in a certain category, search for certain videos on YouTube, find a podcast (if you're already a subscriber, she can also start playing), request weather information (either from your city or another city), ask how are the shares of a certain company and, of course, ask them to turn off the lights so you can relax on the couch and enjoy that movie (obviously, if you are a user adapted from the HomeKit).

Now with you: how is the experience with the "new" Siri? Leave your impressions below. 😊