What the F *** ?! App of the Week: Drunken Pee – Urine Challenge

We from the AndroidPIT editor decided to create a new section for our blog. Your name: What the F *** ?! App of the Week. In fact, with her we want to set aside a moment of the day to laugh with crazy, funny or even weird apps that are available for download from the Android Market. Every Friday we'll bring you one of these crazy apps. And the first one is called Drunken Pee: Urine Challengewhose name already gives us an idea of ​​what he is capable of.

Drunken pee

A man, a necessity, a bathroom … Drunken Pee's goal is to measure how accurate and safe you are when urinating while being totally drunk. Given our real experience, this is undoubtedly one of humanity's greatest challenges! The app gives "drunk more often" a chance to train their skills, therefore. The "drunk" trains in the realm of the virtual and then puts everything into practice in the realm. And no dirty toilets, despite the unfavorable cognitive-motor circumstances.

The simple game: you are drunk and need to go to the bathroom. The jet controlled with the help of the sensor and the movements made by your mobile phone. To get more points, just click the "Drink" button to fill the cup and you can urinate more.

The game provides a "realistic simulation of the flow of urine in the altered state by alcoholic beverage". The more hilarious that the term sounds totally serious, which demonstrates the app developer's great sense of humor to be "indispensable" to our lives. The Drunken Pee: Urine Challenge is available on the AndroidPIT App Center. Change your life now: don't waste any more time and download it !!!

Drunken pee

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