What not to do when your smartphone falls into the water (and what should be done)

Guys, this is serious.

How many people do you know who have dropped their smartphones in the water? Probably at least one.

And how many of these recovered their devices? Most likely, few.

Let's talk here about some essential tips for when this accident happens to you.

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Ok, it got wet! And now? We will help you! / ANDROIDPIT

The Essential Checklist

Do not keep the device turned on

If it is off, keep it that way.

If it is on, turn it off immediately.

Keeping it on will cause components to short circuit as water causes things that should not be connected to each other.

Do not put in a power source

Same goes for the top tip.

Do not connect your device to a charger or computer.

Power passed through the cable may damage components.

In the heat

Moving the hair dryer too close to the appliance may melt welds and components, further worsening the situation.

And don't even think about microwaves, it can cause an accident.

Do not blow or shake

By doing so, you can take water to places that were not wet before and increase the damage.

Don't leave it there

Dropped in the water, wet? Don't drop the device like that.

Take an assistance as soon as possible to see if you can get it back.

Even there you can count on some of our following tips.

Now what should be done

Remove from Water Immediately – Even if it means putting your hand in the toilet.

The faster you pull out of the water, the more chances of survival.


If it is not already off, do so on time.

This lessen the damage.

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Remove any loose parts of the device / ANDROIDPIT


If your device has a removable battery type, remove the cover and battery.

In addition to chips and memory cards.

Also remember chip cradles.

Dry these items separately.

Remove films and cases

To avoid unnecessary accumulation of water, remove any film and case or cap.

This will help dry faster and prevent water accumulated in these items from passing into the appliance.

Iron a towel

Use a towel that will not loosen, and avoid toilet paper, which also leaves pieces.

Tap the towel gently on the appliance on all sides and leave the appliance on the towel so that any falling liquid is absorbed.

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Pass a paper or towel that does not leave waste / ANDROIDPIT


If it is really dipped in water and there is too much liquid, you can use a vacuum cleaner and liquid to remove excess water.

Make sure you have removed any loose parts from it before.

Allow to dry

Until you can take in a service, you can let your smartphone dry, and the best method is rice.

Take a plastic bag (the ones with zips are the best) and put five times the volume of the smartphone in raw rice in that bag.

Place the appliance inside, right in the middle of the rice, and keep quiet for up to five days.

Don't call him before that.


After a few days, try turning on the device.

If it does not turn on, recharge for about 20 minutes and try again.

If he gives no sign of life, it didn't work.

Call me, great! But keep an eye on him for a few days to see if anything strange happens.

Steam in the camera and muffled external sound are some of the symptoms, and he should go back to the rice.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5222
Did you call? Perfect! But keep an eye out for a few days / ANDROIDPIT

Contact assistance

In or out of warranty, contact the manufacturer's customer service and find out the best place near your home to take the device.

It probably won't be cheap, but it may be worth it to you.

Beware of waterproof appliances

It is worth mentioning.

Not because your smartphone is waterproof so you can do anything with it.

Find out very well first of all.

Apple's iPhone, for example, is sturdy, but it says the company on its own website gives no guarantee if something happens.

And there is usually a time limit when the device can be immersed, what kind of liquid it can handle and what the temperature is.

It is good to read the handset manual as well as the information present on the site.

Even keep that information in case you need some proof of warranty.

And you? Have you dropped your phone in the water? What did you do to save it?

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