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What lock screen app and settings do you indicate?

We love to talk about lock screen for Android. As the vast majority of readers seem to have a strong opinion on the topic, this time I decided to ask for recommendations. My lock screen has very simple and pretty dull settings. So I want to know what your lock screen app indication is and what settings you should use together.

Which leads me to think about my lock screen my fear of not being as "optimized" as I would like to be. I don't know about you, but I like to think I'm enjoying all the latest Android features – I share my location on WhatsApp, I use NFC to quickly transfer contacts – but apps and lock screen settings are just kind of blind spot for me.

For example, it was only two weeks ago that I gave a chance to notifications on the lock screen. What I discovered from this is that this really wonderful function. Are you already using this feature?

I like to think I'm enjoying all the latest features of Android

AndroidPIT Lock Screen Huawei Mate7 2
What a great image for a lock screen / ANDROIDPIT

Besides, I don't like standard security codes, because I don't think they're really safe since anyone who sees me drawing the code on the screen can remember it much more easily than a PIN. But is this really the best way to lock the display using PINs? Are notifications on the lock screen really a bad idea? About that I'm really not sure.

So I am asking for advice. Share your referral in the comments below and I promise to test your tips in the coming days.

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