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What is Uber: How to install, What is the average price? Basic app details

Uber is a technology company that has a mobile device application that can connect the user who needs transportation to a driver who is willing to offer it using their car.

Currently, there are a greater number of companies and applications offering private transport service, but Uber was the first to land in Brazil (its headquarters is in the United States). However, today there are a number of other modes of transport offering access to the user, such as 99POP, Cabify and many others that vary from location.

Besides being a pioneer in national soil, the company is the only one that has a larger number of partner drivers, as well as a greater variety of price and type of service / transport, which makes it the most used and remembered in this segment. In addition, its credibility comes from a long time before arriving in Brazilian territory.

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How the company profits

Uber charges a fee for each race performed by the partner driver. precisely from that value that comes your profit. For each type of service, the company charges a certain percentage. Whether it is Uber Eats or the other Uber models that exist when you download Uber, especially for those new to Uber.

For the UberX category, which is the cheapest for the user, the company charges a 25% driver fee. J for Uber Black mode, the percentage of 20%. Today there are other categories, such as Uber Select, Uber Pool and more.

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It is important to note that these rates are not definitive, that is, the company has autonomy to increase or decrease the percentage it charges for each trip made by the driver. This information can be obtained from Uber customer service.

How the driver profits

The driver's profit depends on the amount of trips made during the week (the payment made by the company every 7 days). If you accumulate a total of $ 1,000 in the UberX service, for example, the payment forwarded by the company is $ 750, already considering the 25% fee charged.

The value of each run performed is automatically calculated by the application and considers specific points, such as kilometer run, minimum rate, among others. The driver can track all trips made and their values ​​directly in the app, which makes it easy to know exactly how much to win, just download Uber and stay on top of all races.

uber driver earnings

Why is Uber cheaper than taxi?

Anyone who downloads the app and simulates races is often amazed at the price difference of the service compared to the conventional taxi network. The most affordable and cheap Uber app. But why does this happen? Uber is among the most widely used applications in Brazil.

The taxi fare process is different, charging high mileage and flagging. In some cases, such as on weekends, dawn, and holidays, the flag 2 used and the race may be 20% to 30% more expensive.

Already Uber has a dynamic price, with base fare, a lower value per kilometer driven and per minute of travel. Precisely for this reason the price of the lowest customer service, when installing Uber, you stay on top of the values ​​and promos to use the service.

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The value of the race only increases if there is a lot of demand for the service in the region where the user is, but it always appears on the mobile screen that the tariff will be higher due to demand. This allows the user to program and control transportation expenses. That is, when you download Uber application, you stay on top of all the costs there, be discounts, amounts to pay and more.

With Uber, there was a revolution in the means of transport, you no longer need to be at the mercy of taxi, which usually charge absurd values, can take a random path and go more than usual, which differs from Uber, which does It is a path guided by specialized GPS and charges a close value at the very beginning of the race.

How to install Uber

  1. Access your smartphone app store and download the Uber app;how to download uber
  2. Open the app and enter the DDD and your mobile number;
  3. On the next page, type the four-digit code that Uber sends to your phone in a text message;uber information
  4. Then enter your email address;
  5. Enter your first and last name, data that will appear in the application, in the registration part;
  6. Use Uber normally;how to use uber

There, the application is already available to simulate races and know values. If you really want to make a trip, register your credit card to pay in the Uber app. Uber is among the safest to use on your smartphone, so don't be afraid to call Uber on your credit card.

Here's how the Uber driver process works!

To do so, simply access the main menu, select the Payment item after downloading Uber and enter the credit card data. In some regions it is also possible to pay cash as it can be verified in the app itself right after installing Uber.

Advantages and disadvantages of Uber

Thinking about investing in the private transport service, but don't know if it's worth it? So, check out the pros and cons of downloading Uber app:


What Uber: How to install, What is the average price? Basic app details

  • Price lower than taxi;
  • Larger network of drivers, which make it easier to get one to make the trip;
  • Automatic payment made by credit card;
  • Cars serviced quickly;
  • Easy access to high standard car travel;
  • Sharing path with friends, to give the user more security;
  • Travel in new or better condition cars;
  • Trip scheduling option.


  • The arrival of the driver may take longer than indicated in the application;
  • Possibility of tariff increase at peak hours;
  • Inability to choose the driver for your race.

Now that you know the basics of this app, how about making your first run to check your own advantages and disadvantages? Maybe you don't find another ally in your urban travels and save more money at the end of the month. Uber works 24 hours, just know how to use Uber correctly and you're done.