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What is this icon from the App Store that appears on the iPhone Lock Screen?

But after all, what is this cone of App Store that appears in the bottom left corner of the iPhone Lock Screen?

App suggestion feature on iOS 8

Image credit: Marcio Tubini.

Many shouldn't know, but iOS 8 came with a really cool new feature called “Suggested Apps”. This feature serves only one thing: to show installed applications that are relevant to your current location.

App suggestion feature on iOS 8

Example: if you are a customer of a certain bank and have its application installed on the iPhone, when you get close to a bank branch of the bank, the application appears there, in the lower left corner. Another: you arrive at the airport and walk towards the ticket office of a certain airline. When doing this, her application also appears there in that space, as a suggestion to open, just drag it upwards (the same gesture that you do to access the camera of the device through the Locked Screen).

Often, however, you do not have the application that Apple is suggesting you installed on the iPhone. Again taking the example above from the airline, it is possible that you do not have any of these applications installed. the one that enters the App Store cone. When you drag it up, a list appears with some suggestions of relevant apps, based on your location.

Handoff, a very cool feature that will be used a lot by us once OS X Yosemite is released, also works the same way.


With Handoff, you can pick up where you left off.

Start writing an email on the iPhone and pick up where you left off on the Mac, or go to a web page on the Mac and continue on your iPad. All of this is automatic when your devices are associated with the same iCloud account. Use Handoff in apps like Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts. And developers can now also integrate Handoff into the apps they create.


This integration is very nice and already works quite well in several native Apple applications the company has not commented, but everything also works great in Notes.


The most interesting of all is that Handoff can also be incorporated by third party applications (the developer only needs to).