What is the best app to recognize the music that is playing?

On many occasions we hear amazing music, however, we wonder what her name is or who the singer is. You can find through the Play Store several apps that listen to the music and in a moment return with all these answers for you. But which one really does the best job? We tested all applications that identify music through sound, and the result you see in the article below.


Shazam is one of the best known apps of its kind, and it has some extra features. In addition to listening to music, artists can be identified by photographing album covers or posters with advertisements. The app provides a ranking with the most identified songs from around the world, as well as offering integration with Facebook, Radio and Deezer.

shazam android app
Shazam / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

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Beatfind – Music Recognition

With the end of Sony's TrackID, many became frantic with this kind of application. To date the vast majority of users claim to have no other application at TrackID height that is considered the best. But an app for music recognition that has been gaining prominence Beatfind Music Recognition. The app is lightweight, easy to use and very efficient. It is worth checking.

beatfind music recognition
Beatfind – Music Recognition / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Beatfind – Music Recognition / Visualizer
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MusicID did not have a good reception when it arrived at the Play Store, as it had several problems, resulting in a flood of negative criticism from users. However, this new version, despite being released in December 2017, has been very pleasing. Particularly tested and found it very satisfactory, do a test you too.

music id app
MusicID / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

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SoundHound offers the same options as the apps mentioned above, however, some features deserve to be highlighted. Identified music comes with artist photo, social sharing options, and purchase of the track through Google Play Music. SoundHound enables integration with Facebook and Radio.

sound hound app
SoundHound / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

SoundHound – Music Discovery and Playback
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MusicXmatch is an application that synchronizes song lyrics, but also offers their recognition. The MusicID option is hidden between application options, and works reasonably well when used. The identified songs are stored in the history accompanied only by the lyrics.

music xmatch app
MusicXmatch / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Musixmatch – Music Lyrics
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Music recognition apps that are playing are very scarce on the Play Store. However, we've put together the best ones available today that can help you identify that special song that you don't know who sings or the name of the song. If you know of any other apps not on the list, leave us comments.

And which app on our list have you tried on your Android?

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