What is Kwai: app creates videos to share on Status and Stories Kwai is a video editor that became popular for counting augmented reality effects, incredible filters and the option to make music videos in a simple way. The app allows you to post videos …

Kwai is a video editor that became popular for counting augmented reality effects, incredible filters and the option to make music videos in a simple way. The app allows you to post videos directly on WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories and Facebook, among other platforms.

Available for Android and iOS, the application makes edits on the spot and after recording. There is also the possibility to make video clips from photos and meet new people through the social aspect of the app.

Check out how to create videos and post to WhatsApp Status and Stories from Instagram and Facebook below. Also discover other incredible features of the program!

How to make videos for WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories on Kwai

To perform the following procedure, it is necessary to download Kwai on your Android or iOS device.

As the app offers a wide variety of features, we divided the tutorial into three steps. They are: how to make a video on Kwai, how to edit the recorded video and how to share the film on Status and Stories.

How to make a video on Kwai

1. Open the Kwai app. If you are using it for the first time, you will need to make a brief registration using your Facebook, Gmail or phone number;

2. As in this first moment is to create a video, choose to Jump on the screen Meet friends;

3. Then, give permission for the app to take photos and videos, record audio and have access to your device’s media gallery;


4. You are now on the main page of the app. Touch the icon of an orange camcorder, located in the lower right corner of the screen;

5. With regard to effects and filters, there are three options: Magic, Beauty and Music. In Magic, the user finds the augmented reality filters, like those present on Snapchat. The options are divided by themes, such as News, Top, Music, Comedy, Make up, etc.

  • If you want to use one of the filters for the first time, you must download it for free by touching it. Next time, it will be available in the app automatically;
  • To use “magic”, just touch the one you want and position your face in front of the camera. Touch the top of the screen to return to the recording menu;
  • If you don’t want to use the filter and return to the recording menu, touch the circle icon (The).


6. In the item Beauty, you can choose one of several image effects available at Effects;

7. In the option Beautify, inside the item Beauty, you can change your physical traits. Note that there are circles with numbers from 0 to 5. In each of these circles it is possible to create beautification presets, which will be saved in the future. To access the resources, hold one of the circles for a few seconds;


8. Then tap on the items you want to adjust and drag the bar further to the right if you want to intensify the effect. The transformation is seen in real time and accumulates on top of one another as they are made. The available beautification items are:

  • Bleach: allows to lighten the skin;
  • Loading: evens out the skin;
  • Width: refines the shape of the face;
  • Mouth: turn up the volume;
  • Tune: sharpens the nose;
  • Eyes: increases or decreases the eyes.

9. After the embellishment is finished, touch the center of the screen to return to the recording options;

10. If you want to record a music video, now is the time to choose the song. To do this, go to Music. You can search for the song in the search bar or find which ones are available by category;

11. When you find the song you want, tap and then go to the button Use this to record;


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12. You will be directed to the recording screen, with the music playing in the background. Note that at the bottom of the screen, items are present Photograph, 57s, 11s and Video clip. To create a music video for Status or Story, choose 57s or 11s, for recording movies of up to 57 or 11 seconds;

  • Remember that WhatsApp Status supports only 30-second videos, so anything that is recorded after that time will be excluded from posting.

13. To start shooting, touch the orange circle at the bottom center of the screen. Take your finger off the button only when you want to stop recording;

14. In the upper right corner of the screen, there are also some configuration options that can be done in the middle of the shoot. Are they:

  • Turn: the camera is changed from the front to the rear or vice versa.
  • Countdown: to define a timer to start recording;
  • velocity: allows you to change the speed of the video, even in the middle of filming. Select if you want Very slow, Slow, Normal, Fast or Very fast and touch the orange circle to shoot again.

15. To end the recording, tap Next.

How to edit the video recorded on Kwai

16. Now is the time to insert effects and post-production edits into your already recorded video. The options are:


  • It is made: Allows you to apply filters to the video;
  • Music: The user can change the background music and select the part of the song he wants to use in the film (through the icon of a musical note with scissors). The option also has a tab Record, in which you can record audio to include in the video. Complete the changes to the check;
  • It is made: on the flap Filter, several video filters are available, such as wave, ghost, interference TV, split screen, among others. To apply over a stretch, hold the desired filter until the moment you want. It is possible to use several filters in the same video;
  • It is made: the option also has the tab Time, at which you can change the speed of the video (not the music). In Slow, the image slows down, Repeat, you can select a segment to stay in looping. Finally, in Reverse, the movie is played backwards. Complete the changes to the check;
  • Cover: you can choose one frame (frame of the film) that will stamp the publication and include a label / balloon with text;
  • More: the user can also add stickers and text to the video. The app also allows you to add new effects, by dragging your finger across the screen with it selected. Or, to cut the film to share only the desired section.

17. After choosing which post-production effects to use, go to Next to finally finish the video.

Share Kwai’s video on WhatsApp Status and Instagram Story

18. First, you will have to post the video to Kwai’s social network. To do this, choose a caption, mark friends, add location, as you usually do on other social networks. Complete publishing on To share;

19. You will then be directed to the tab Following, where you’ll see the newly shared video. Tap on it. At the bottom right of the screen that opens, access the share icon;


20. Choose the social network or messenger you want to share the video with. If you choose WhatsApp, the publication will be made through Status. Already on Instagram, it is possible to publish in the feed or as Story, as well as on Facebook. There are also the options to send the video via Messenger and to YouTube;

21. If you choose WhatsApp status, wait a moment for the video to load. Soon, the messenger will be opened. Go in My Status. Confirm your choice with the green arrow that appears at the bottom of the screen;


22. The video will appear with a ready-made caption, with your Kwai page and app advertising. Edit if desired and complete the publication using a green circle icon with an arrow inside;

23. If you choose Instagram, the video will appear directly in the editing part of Stories. Just go on Your Story to complete the publication.

Ready! Now you can create the most fun and creative videos and share them with your friends and followers on different social networks.

More Kwai resources

The feature of creating fun and full of effects videos, in fact, is one of the highlights of Kwai. However, the application offers other equally interesting functions. The program allows you to create music clips from photos, edit images and make new friends on the social network.

Social network


As with other social networks, Kwai users can publish their videos and follow others. The home page shows the content that is popular, people who use the app near you and, of course, the posts of the profiles you follow.

It is even possible to share third-party videos on WhatsApp Status. To do this, simply access the movie, touch the messenger icon and repeat steps 21 and 22 of the tutorial above.

Create video clips


The app has ready-made short music videos. The user can replace the sample image with photos from the cell phone gallery, creating a kind of slideshow.

Just like videos with effects, to create a clip, you need to tap on the camera icon on the home page and then choose the tab Video clip. When you find the one you like, go to Choose a photoat the top of the screen.

Each model supports a different number of images. Select the ones you want in the gallery and go to Next. Within seconds, the photographs are incorporated into the clip. Finalize the content in Next and share the final result, if you want.

Photo editing

Despite being primarily a video editor, Kwai also allows you to change photos. In that case, go to the camera icon on the home page and then Photograph. Register on the spot or choose an image from the gallery. Then, it can include effects, soundtrack, stickers and text content.

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