What is IMEI and what is it for?

In general, IMEI is a code that identifies the device worldwide. Therefore, every device that is legalized and official will have this number. We will now show what are the fundamental functions and problems of the IMEI number.

What does IMEI?

The acronym IMEI abbreviates International Mobile Equipment Identity or International Mobile Equipment Identity, and as I mentioned, it works as a unique identifier for our smartphone, as if it were his ID. In reality it is a USSD code pre-recorded on the device's terminal, on the motherboard.

The USSD is a set of services, a technology that allows operators to interact with the devices and offer things like the recharge service, answering machine and others, similar to SMS.

We can say that the difference between the USSD and the SMS is in the fact that the latter incorporates an intermediate content, the message itself, whereas the USSD is a content that is transmitted directly from the sender to the receiver, and thus an interactive communication is created with a faster response time. The USSD code incorporates ciphers that identify the device manufacturer or serial number.

What is IMEI for?

This USSD code is transmitted from the smartphone to the network when our device connects to the cellular network. In this way, our operator recognizes which device it is and, thanks to the SIM, who and where the call is made from. At the same time, through this code, the operator can have access to various information about our device in order to know the status of it and check if even what it says, avoiding cloning and other illegalities.

Your device's IMEI is registered in the EIR (Equipment Identity Register), a worldwide database. In this way, operators and telecommunications companies around the world can access this information.

Another important use for the IMEI of your device, and so it is worth keeping that number noted somewhere else, the device lock with the operator when your device has been stolen. If something like this happens, call the operator, ask for the lock and enter the required IMEi numbers.

When making the police report with the police, also inform the IMEI so that you do not have any future problems if they find your device.

How do I know my IMEI?

The simplest way is to look for it in the device box, just look for the label attached to it that contains the device model, as well as bar codes and the IMEI number for each SIM chip slot that the smartphone accepts.

And nowadays it is more difficult to find devices with a removable battery, but if that is your case, the IMEI is also present on a sticker pasted on that battery.

WhatsApp Image 2017 12 27 at 12.03.39
very simple to find IMEI on your device / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

And if you don't have a box or battery access, a code on your smartphone helps. Go to the phone app and enter * # 06 #. The number appears immediately on the screen. If for some reason we do not have access to this number in one of the ways described above, the only solution is the manufacturer's technical assistance.

Problems with IMEI

IMEI, as you have already deduced, is very important because it allows you to identify the network so that we can both connect to the internet and make and receive calls. If for some reason we lose it, it will be very difficult to recover it.

It is important that, when updating the device or installing ROMs, be very careful. When performing any of these actions, some users realized that they could no longer make calls or connect to the network. By typing * # 06 # we know if the IMEI has been lost. In that case, you need to seek technical assistance.

The best way to avoid problems with the IMEI is to back up the folder that contains the IMEI and is called EFS. To access this folder you need an application like Root Explorer (paid, but it is worthwhile for those who root), and to install it you need to have access to the root of your device.

Attention: we are not responsible for damages resulting from poorly executed processes. Make sure to do everything before you root.

Install on Google Play

Root Explorer
Install on Google Play

To make a copy, access the application, click on the menu, copy the EFS folder and paste it in a safe place like the SD card or the desktop of your PC. It is important that you simply copy it and not cut it out without causing damage to the device.

If in your "ROM games" with the device you lose the IMEI, just copy the EFS folder you had saved, paste it in its original place and restart the smartphone. Anyway, I recommend you to be very careful with this paste and the IMEI number.

Have you ever had problems with your cell phone IMEI? Tell us what happened in the comments!

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