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What is happening with WhatsApp?

What's going on with WhatsApp, guys? This may have been the question that many Brazilians have intimately asked when trying to use the messaging service early on Tuesday (26). Around midnight the service went down without explanation or warning.

The erasure was not felt only in Brazil, but to a lesser extent in other countries. And as you may remember very well, this is not the first time WhatsApp has been down in the country.

In December last year, the service was virtually a full day offline in the national territory. But the reason was very clear: judicial determination. A legal mess caused Justice to urge operators to suspend access to the messenger, which was unavailable for several hours.

This time, though, although there was fear that instability might be a new onslaught of the Brazilian Justice, it had nothing to do with it. Apparently, a technical problem left the service down for about 40 minutes. For this unlucky editor, the service only came back around 4 am.

The failure affected a large number of Brazilian users, who rushed to Twitter to report their frustrations. But users from other countries also spoke out, revealing that the failure was not local.

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WhatsApp goes down again / ANDROIDPIT

As usual, neither Facebook, which the owner of the service, nor WhatsApp himself have commented on the matter. This makes it difficult to know the causes of the problem. It would be good for those responsible for the service, used by millions of people, to give some satisfaction.

In my opinion, WhatsApp developers should give some explanation about the status of the service to their users. After all, without them WhatsApp would be just another app in the Google Play Store.

But, answering question that opens this article, what may be happening with WhatsApp? There is no way to know for sure given the closed character of the application. However, we can raise as a plausible cause the overload of the servers. It is not easy to maintain a WhatsApp-sized service running 24/7.

With the service growing and adding extra features such as voice calls, it is natural that the data load passing through your servers will increase. It is up to Facebook, the service owner, to invest in infrastructure as well as data security, efficient backup systems, demand-aware bandwidth, properly configured, cooled, and other data centers.

Unfortunately, we still don't really know what happened to the service yesterday. We only know that the service is having problems weekly and that no explanation is given to users. What a shame!

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