What is Dark Mode?

What is Dark Mode?

You may have heard of some places about “Night Mode“Or”Dark Mode” (in English, dark mode), without really knowing what it means. It is present in some applications, it was included natively in macOS Mojave and many are betting that it will come soon also for iOS.

If you are not sure what this dark person means, in this article you will answer all your doubts.

What is

The dark mode inverts the color palette on the screen, leaving the dark / black background with light letters.

What is it for

People like to use the dark mode for different reasons.

As it presents a dark background, the screen emits less light, which is ideal for those who like to do things on their cell phone late at night and do not want to disturb someone who is sleeping next to them.

On OLED screens (where black means pixels off), the black background can render a slight battery saving.

And lastly, there are those who simply like the dark style throughout the system and enable it by aesthetics.

How it works

In systems that do not have the native option in dark mode, the only way to have this functionality is to have its own implementation in each application.

On iPhone and iPad, function was implemented natively in the system from iOS 13. See in this link how to activate on your device.

Dark mode apps

Some iOS apps already have a permanent dark mode. This is the case of Calculator, of Clock, of Watch It’s from handbag. THE Books (formerly iBooks) also allows you to apply night mode automatically if it detects that there is low light in the place.

There are others who, ahead of the users’ demand, already offer the option in their adjustments. These are some of them:

YouTube YouTube

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Smart Inversion

IOS 11 brought a feature that many considered a preview of a future dark mode on the system. The function Smart Inversion inverts the color palette in compatible applications, bringing in most cases the sensation of the traditional dark mode. However, it is not yet a dark mode itself, because in non-compatible applications the colors are all changed. Playing Clash Royale, for example, is very complicated.

To activate, just go to Settings ›General› Accessibility ›Screen adaptation› Invert Colors ›Intelligent inversion.