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What is airplane mode and what is it for?

Sure, anyone who has had an Android for a long time knows what airplane mode is, but beginners may not be familiar with the function. Today I will explain in detail how the airplane mode of Android works.

What is airplane mode?

In the past you could not travel with cell phones or tablets connected to avoid interference with aircraft communication. Nowadays, electronic devices can be used at all stages of the flight, but with one condition: they must be set to airplane mode.

airplane mode
Airplane mode / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

In airplane mode, you can use local device functions such as reading or listening to music (always offline), editing documents, or playing games.

How to enable airplane mode?

The way you enable Airplane Mode may vary between devices, but in general just go to your Android Settings menu, enter the More section and check the Mode for Airplane option. That simple.

You can also slide down the status bar at the top of the device and just touch the airplane mode icon. Most devices have this option on the taskbar.

Another quick and simple way to turn it on is by long clicking on the power button of the device and the option will appear on any screen.

Little exception with Wi-Fi

In some cases, especially in Europe, the airline allows connection to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth during airplane mode. Here in Brazil we also have an airline that allows and offers this type of connection, as I recently made a plane trip and the company provided this option. Simply access the settings and enable Wi-Fi during airplane mode.

But why is this possible? In fact, Wi-Fi waves operate in low frequency bands, between 2.4 and 5 GHz. Any longer range use is exposed to a higher risk of interference.

Anyway, airplane mode has other cool features, like preventing calls or messages from waking us up at night. By activating airplane mode, we can leave the device on (with the alarm set, for example), and ensure a peaceful sleep.

Charge your smartphone faster

Another way in which airplane mode is very useful is when charging the smartphone battery. When you plug your device in, turn it on and the recharge time will be shorter because all connections are disabled. I particularly do this and can state that it decreases the roll-up time.

And you? When do you use airplane mode?

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