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Linux servers can be used for a variety of purposes (on Linux, of course), one of them being the famous Proxy, but despite the name being popular, many people don't really understand what it is.

My first contact with Proxy was probably in a Computer Science course where the Campus used Proxy to filter which sites students could access, a really common condition for this type of technology. Let's understand better what a Proxy is all about.

Proxy Application Examples

It all depends on what you want to do, but let's imagine that you want your entire local network to be subject to specific rules, such as preventing people from accessing a particular site, or certain content, which is relatively common in businesses and businesses. schools, or you want for a user to access the internet he has to authenticate, making it easier to monitor his behavior, and impose some restrictions as well. This can all be done with a proxy server.

Proxies can be used for different purposes, for example, you can have a web proxy that can filter specific keywords or URLs, preventing access to websites and files, and can even redirect the user to some other page pre-set by the administrator. .

A proxy can also act as a cache for the internet. If there are situations where people often access the same page, when the client requests a particular site from the proxy server, he can check in his cache if the page already exists there and deliver it faster to the client, or so If it does not exist, it can fetch the information from the site and deliver it to the customer, storing that information cached so that in a future query it can deliver the same page from a local file more efficiently.

There is also the so-called Transparent proxy. We mentioned this type of proxy. no video about the Tor network, when we question the possibility of passing all network traffic through Onion.

a transparent proxy can be used as a silent form of interception, only by acting when something specific happens, such as access to a website or something, it can also be used for pure analysis of user behavior or a service that the computer is running.

A proxy server can also hide a user's IP, since the client requests a site for the proxy and the proxy requests for the ISP, however, there are ways to identify this real IP, which is not a 100% effective method for this. purpose, not to mention that there is usually no encryption.

Proxies can also be used to separate access to resources within a network, allowing a company's board of directors to access servers that the rest of the company does not have, for example. One of the most famous proxies Squid, very popular in the Linux world. Have questions about networks or proxy specifically? You can take your questions on our forum, Diolinux Plus.

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