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What if your smartphone battery lasted up to seven days?

One of the biggest problems with our smartphones is battery life. Increasingly advanced specifications end up being too demanding for battery amperage. Once upon a time mankind was bound to a porter in the ceaseless pursuit taken nearest.

Except for a few smartphones, such as the Mate 7, Redmi Note 3, and Asus Zenfone 2, only a few can handle more than one day on one charge. Manufacturers are working to improve battery life and performance, but the specifications of many phones make the task almost impossible.

Even today, the highest battery smartphone is the Oukitel 10,000, which has a 10,000mAh battery, however, it is so heavy that it could be used as an anchor.

AndroidPIT Oukitel K10000 2
Oukitel 10,000 has the largest battery of Android / ANDROIDPIT

Now, it seems that the solution to this problem may come in two years: British company Intelligent Energy is developing a battery that can last up to seven days, which would end the problem of limited lithium battery life.

Batteries that use fuel cells

These "miracle" batteries would work thanks to the energy of fuel cells. In other words, the oxidation of hydrogen in water generates electrical energy and heat without the need for generators and other appliances. The process is somewhat more complex than that, but in short it is about producing energy more cleanly and efficiently.

This technology was presented as an alternative to the lithium during CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where the first prototypes were shown, but there are still many doubts and uncertainties along the way. For example, how will we charge the phone since the process requires hydrogen? and once the reaction releases water, where would it go?

The idea is not exactly new, Apple has already filed a patent application for a system similar to Intelligent Energy, to be able to include in its devices a battery that has autonomy of one week.

Intelligent Energy struck a deal with equipment manufacturers to make the project a reality

All of these ideas and prototypes make a battery of hydrogen get out of the field of science fiction, though for now everything is just on paper. On February 8, Intelligent Energy struck a deal with equipment manufacturers to pursue the research and make the project a reality. The British hope to complete the project in two years. Until then, we will have to settle for the good old lithium.

What is your opinion about these projects and patents that promise a lot but deliver little?

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