What if you don’t renew?

Additional Google space: What if you don't renew?

I believe that many readers of Google Discovery, like myself, took advantage of the cost reduction the acquisition of extra space, made available by Google, and made the acquisition of it. After all, here among us, where else would you be able to buy 20GB for the $ 5 (today R $ 8.81) trifle per year?

After acquiring the additional space, over the next 12 months, everything will be a great wonder. Thousands of messages in Gmail, hundreds of photos on Picasa Web, plus lots of documents, presentations and spreadsheets in Docs.

But… what if, at the time of renewal, you have no money (although there is little, we can never guarantee that we will) or the international credit card, informed at the time of purchase, via Google Checkout, has been exchanged by the bank? Or, even, if you simply have no interest in renewing the acquisition?

If you haven’t gotten more than 7.68GB for Gmail, and 1GB for Picasa Web and Docs, there’s nothing to worry about.

But, if you, like me, have already exceeded one of the shares (I, for example, am already using 0.58GB of the extra space with Gmail), what will happen to your messages, documents and images?

Before I officially knew what would happen to my files, I imagined that Gmail would simply delete my messages until I returned to my 7.68GB quota and, likewise, Picasa Web and Docs. But I still had a question: would Gmail delete my newest, oldest messages, or would it be random?

So, he goes in search of answers to the question that does not leave my head (not that I will not renew, but I do not know tomorrow).

Although, in my opinion, Google has the right to delete any and all messages and files that occupy more than the free space, given that we are no longer paying for it, that is not what the company does.

What happens is that the company no longer allows you to save or add any type of information to the services, of which you have exceeded the quota, until you reduce the use of space, at least, to a level below the total free space .

Unless you delete your messages in Gmail, photos in Picasa Web, and documents in Docs, you won’t be able to add any information to the services. Thus, you will no longer be able to add photos to Picasa Web, you will not be able to add or change any type of information in Docs, and will no longer send and receive messages in Gmail, until you have adjusted the quota for all of them.

In short: it is much less ugly than I imagined, but it is still complicated, especially with regard to Gmail. Just stop adding a new photo to Picasa Web, or a document in Docs, until it passes. But, stop sending and receiving messages, not even dreaming.

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