what if the iPod came back to life, modernized?

Concept: what if the iPod came back to life, modernized?

I am sure that several of you love the feeling of nostalgia when you remember the urea times of iPod.

But how many would actually buy one today, in modernized verse?

Before answering the question, check the video above for the concept of a new iPod created by our player Thadeu Brando.

In Thadeu’s opinion, the iPod touch shouldn’t exist, but a more basic, cheap and portable iPod.

The Click Wheel would work as a kind of Magic Trackpad with 3D Touch, going in all directions, and would have the Touch ID in the center.

Behind, a good quality camera for you to always take with you.

And what did you think? Also check out other concepts from Thadeu that we already published here on the site: a proposal for the iPhone 8 months before we got to know X and a totally new iTunes. ?