What if iPhone SE had a “Plus” version, without the Home button and the screen occupying its entire front?

With all these years of following the Apple world, we can say that when there are rumors related to a product, there are traces of reality. And this intensifies as a device's release date approaches.

Taking advantage of the buzzing rumors, the imagination of designers and enthusiasts materializes in videos and images of such incredible concepts that, most of the time, we expect it to be the truth or at least a portion of it.

The little notable iPhone SE, announced in March 2016, has not been updated this year, and while some may theorize, there are no palpable rumors that a new version of it will appear, particularly with the suspicion that Apple is now continuing to widen its smartphone screens.

Doesn't that mean, of course, that we can't dream anyway? And that's what the designers of the CURVED / labs did by introducing the concept of a “IPhone SE Plus”.

Yes, the cool and beautiful iPhone X, and the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are impressive too, but in the Cupertino keynote they forgot about a certain smartphone. A successor of the iPhone SE. CURVED / labs tried to compensate for this.

This concept shows a device of the same size and shape as the well-known iPhone SE, but with many features of iPhone X. Instead of having a 4 ″ screen, the “SE Plus” would have a 4.7 ″ OLED screen. taking advantage of the home button space that would not be present in this model either.


In addition, the “SE Plus” would also feature TrueDepth technology in the front camera and a dual camera system in the rear. But unlike the newly announced iPhone, the "SE Plus" would have a myriad of colors, including some options with the white front.

And since it's a concept, to do it right, right? I mean, since in fact the Touch ID integrated screen did not come on the real iPhone, what prevents it from being placed in a dummy device? That's why the feature also appears in SE Plus.


Yes, extremely fun to look at and glimpse what it could have been or could be in the distant future. If we are really going to see a new version of iPhone SE, we can't predict it, but as its name implies, maybe we really need to say goodbye to this format once and for all, unfortunately.

via 9to5Mac