What if Apple released a cute Bluetooth adapter for wired headsets?

Concept: What if Apple released a cute Bluetooth adapter for wired headsets?

The polemic rumor about the end of the headphone outlet on the iPhone 7 has been talking for the past few weeks. It is a consensus that, if the thing really comes to fruition, Apple will offer an adapter that may or may not be included in the smartphone box (more likely than not, considering the company’s history).

But everyone speaks of this adapter as a small piece that fits into the Lightning port and offers a 3.5mm port. Sean Nelson decided to think differently, in a kind of disc (puck) Bluetooth which would turn headsets into wireless.

Apple Puck Concept

The little round piece (one more thing to lose, heh) would offer the conventional headphone jack on one side, and a Lightning port for recharging on the other. The battery status could be seen in the Notification Center, as well as other Bluetooth accessories and the Apple Battery Case itself.

Of course, Macs and iGadgets could communicate with it via AirPlay as if they were natively wireless headsets:

Apple Puck Concept

It is obvious that the idea of ??such an adapter is not new, there are already several similar ones on the market. But one with the Apple brand, design and quality would certainly be welcome for anyone making this transition to the wireless world.

Even better if it comes with the iPhone 7 (it doesn’t hurt to dream).

(via Cult of Mac)