What if Apple patted the current concept of Mac Pro?

That the Mac pro It needs some definition to be a totally updated new version or, perhaps, your headstone, no one questions. Today is exactly 1,124 days since the machine went on sale after a pompous presentation at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013.

Leaving the issue of outdated internal components aside, the fact that the current concept of the Mac Pro is groundbreaking. Which doesn't mean it's perfect, and Pascal Eggert showed in a proposal for “Mac Pro 2” how Apple could improve its professional cylinder somewhat.

Mac Pro 2 Concept

For starters, he already thinks that Apple should “stretch” the cylinder a bit, making it a giant “pill” (or a rounded tower) that would allow for the inclusion of conventional desktop components such as Powerful dedicated graphics cards. It would also have a built-in upper wing.

Mac Pro 2 Concept

On the back, connectivity to no one goes wrong: four USBs 3, four Thunderbolts 2, eight Thunderbolts 3, two Gigabit Ethernets and two HDMI 2.1.

Mac Pro 2 Concept

In terms of technical specifications, Eggert also had: storage of up to 4TB with fast access (SSDs of up to 3,500MB / s) and up to 16TB of storage (HDDs up to 540MB / s), up to 22 teraflops of computing power, up to 24GB of GDDR5X RAM and so on.

the such thing: if Apple wants, she does. The question is whether she wants to, and the current Mac Pro's marketing performance cannot be taken into account for this decision as it is a somewhat limited upgrade machine and completely outdated after more than three years of starting. This, your sales today must be really ridiculous.

(via App Advice)