What if a balance of resources was possible in the world that would allow global sustainability?

The basis is data from the Global Footprint Network and the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University in Toronto, where the intention is to build a coalition of countries, supported by a rigorous academic information network on sustainability and biocapacity. With this information, countries, cities, companies and citizens can understand the ecological dependencies and the risks of exposure, managing their transition to a more sustainable world.

The FoDaFo foundation (Footprint Data Foundation) started in September 2017 and has already achieved some important milestones, including the use of information for calculating the Earth Overload Day, which this year takes place on August 22, when it runs out natural resources.

Ecological footprint calculations remain the only metrics that help calculate resource consumption and the rate of their renewal, and the metric that total consumption exceeds the frightening renewal rate by 75%, so all efforts are made. relevant.