What happens if a drone hits the wing of an airplane? Scientists did the test; watch the video

If you enjoy flying drones, you know that you have some risks of flying over the air space and that you should take better care of your aircraft so that it does not end up injuring or crashing into other aircraft or crashing into an unexpected crash.

For these reasons, drones are forbidden to take off on air routes, it is easy to understand why, besides losing a cheap gadget, you can hurt people who are just traveling.

At least as researchers at Dayton University found, they wondered "what happens when a drone crashes into an airplane and what is the real danger it has?".

Check out the result on the video below:

So far, much of the collision theory was 3D computer simulations. This actual test was done using a DJI Phantom 2 being launched by a cannon at an approximate speed of 380km / h.

After all, can this be considered a major damage to the plane?

According to Kevin Poormon, Research Engineer and Leader of the University Impact Physics Group: He [the drone] penetrated completely [on the plane] and was buried inside the wing. The main mast is crumpled, […] there are some ropes that have been bent, there are also some tubes inside that have also been bent. So there was a substantial amount of wing damage. "

Still according to the researchers, the damage done to this test would not be enough to make the plane match, it could be sustained, but if the speed were higher it would possibly complicate the situation.

Via: Dronethusiast Source: University of Dayton