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What does Wi-Fi Direct work? Know the benefits of this feature

Available for Android smartphones for many years, Wi-Fi Direct technology is increasingly popular as home-connected devices grow. If you do not already know about Wi-Fi Direct, learn in this article how it works and what its benefits are.

What does Wi-Fi Direct?

Developed by the WiFi Alliance Consortium, Wi-Fi Direct technology allows you to connect two or more compatible devices over the wireless network for the purpose of data transfer or streaming. This method differs from the conventional Wi-Fi network because it is done directly between two devices without any other intermediary.

Relatively unknown to most users of smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, printers and other devices, this technology offers even greater range than other means of transfer and ensures better speed (full speed WiFi). It can be said that this an improved Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi Direct is a kind of improved Bluetooth

Another advantage of Wi-Fi Direct under Bluetooth is security, as it is possible to secure your transfers with a standard Wi-Fi security key. Finally, it is important to note that Miracast, a technology created by the Wi-Fi Alliance that allows you to share your smartphone screen and sound with your television or computer, also uses Wi-Fi Direct technology.

How does Wi-Fi Direct work?

Using Wi-Fi Direct is very easy. To do so, simply go to the Wi-Fi settings and click on the option that bears the same name (on compatible devices, please consult the manual or the manufacturer of your smartphone). Then select the available device and accept the connection:

wifi direct connection BRA 1
Click on the dedicated button and select the device available for connection / AndroidPIT

To upload an image, for example, just go to your gallery, select the photo or video, and then share it by selecting "Wi-Fi Direct." Then choose the device you want to send the image to and ready, the transfer will start.

wifi direct BRA connection
Choose to connect with another device and share the connection / AndroidPIT

Wi-Fi Direct is particularly useful for sending large files such as videos. Note on some models, sharing is only possible between devices of the same brand, as the case of Galaxy S.

wifi direct connection BRA transfer
Once you have chosen the Wi-Fi Direct option, find the connected device and send data / AndroidPIT

And a, do you use this feature? What do you think?

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