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What does Uber mean? Check out questions and answers about the app | Productivity

Uber is one of the most used private transportation applications in the world in Brazil, the service is present in over 100 cities. Because it's so popular, there are many questions about how the app works and history, such as "what is the meaning of the word Uber?" and "how was Uber created?" Users may also be curious about how much a platform employee earns and what forms of payment are available at races.

To help you understand more about Uber's key features, the dnetc listed some questions and answers that may be helpful at the time of travel. Check out the following lines for more details on the story of rival 99POP and Cabify, which is available for Android or iPhone (iOS) phones.

How Uber Works: Check out 5 facts about the transportation app

How to pay your Uber race with cash

How to pay your Uber race with cash

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ber (with umlaut) a word of German origin whose identical meaning to above (above, above or above in the Portuguese translation). However, when it was passed to American English, the word underwent some changes, becoming a spell. Its meaning in English ranges from super, maximum, best, top. From this, you can identify why the application name is this: the company may have chosen the term to value your work and for considering it the best of all literally.

2. What is the story of app creation?

The app was founded by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in San Francisco, California. Its aim was primarily to provide above-quality service over conventional taxis, but with much more luxurious cars and slightly higher prices. At first, the app was created under the name of UberCab which, when translating to Portuguese, would mean "SuperTxi". After a confusion created by the other taxi drivers, as the software operated without proper licenses, the name was changed to Uber only. After that, the platform expanded to Chicago and started working with regular cars, not just luxury ones. As a result, Uber has become one of the largest transportation applications in the world.

Uber App Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetcUber App Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetc

Uber App Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / dnetc

3. What does Uber and how does it work?

The private transportation app works as follows: Just download the app, which is available on Google Play and the App Store, and create an account. Then the user must add the credit card number, if he has one, and can now start a trip with the driver closest to the place of departure. After requesting the race, the app lets you choose which type of car and mode the customer wants, such as Uber Together, UberX, Select or Black.

Uber has options for UberX, UberTogether, Select and Black Photo: Release / UberUber has options for UberX, UberTogether, Select and Black Photo: Release / Uber

Uber has options for UberX, UberTogether, Select and Black Photo: Release / Uber

4. How much does a Uber driver earn?

Prices vary according to the city of operation, but the estimated payment is based on the value of the base fare, together with the estimated time and distance of the trip, plus the variable amount as demand in the region, It is called "dynamic price". Changes in the estimated time for the race may also increase the value this occurs when the driver takes a very long traffic, for example.

The user can pay for the service by credit cards or cash, and there is the possibility of sharing the price of the race with friends. Another tool available is the use of Uber Cash, the company's prepaid system for more affordable travel.

See Uber Q&A Photo: Divulgao / UberSee Uber Q&A Photo: Divulgao / Uber

See Uber Q&A Photo: Divulgao / Uber

5. How does Uber make money?

The company is able to raise money from the percentage taken from its partner drivers' races. For example, if the employee works in UberX mode, a 25% fee will be charged on the total amount made in the races. On the other hand, if driver chooses UberBlack service, a 20% fee will be charged. From these strategies, along with affiliates and advertising, Uber was able to be among the 100 most valuable brands in the world by 2018, according to Kantar Millward Brown, WPP marketing and consulting arm.