What does Travis Scott's Fortnite event reveal about the future of entertainment?

What does Travis Scott's Fortnite event reveal about the future of entertainment?

Success of Travis Scott show and opening of Fortnite Festa put game at the forefront of the advertising market

Not a novelty that Fortnite changed the world of games: the success of the game was directly responsible not only for the fact of the genre battle royale have become the latest darling of the players and have put all publishers in a race to launch the next big game of its kind, Epic one of the largest companies in the world and enabled it to create its own large online store, becoming the first major competitor for Steam.

But the company does not seem to be interested in using its greatest success just to transform the video games, but the market for entertainment as a whole. It all started in 2018 when the game was used to promote the film Avengers: Infinity War, with an event that allowed players to control the villain Thanos and use the Infinity Gauntlet to decimate opponents.

Since then, Fortnite became something common to promote other works that had no direct relation to the game, such as films (Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars: The Ascended Skywalker, Birds of Prey: Harlequin and Her Fantastic Emancipation and John Wick 3), TV series and events (such as the new Stranger Things it's the Superbowl) and even celebrity gamers (like the famous streamer Ninja), making Fortnite It is not just a game, but an important advertising tool.

This facet of the game reached another level in late April, when a special five-day event featured a full rapper show Travis Scott inside the game, with a giant musician avatar in the middle of the map. The presentation was seen live by 12.3 million people, and the entire show was seen by 27.7 million during the five days of the event.

This presentation went down in the game's history as the largest concentration of people in a single location within the game. And this may be one of the most important events in the gaming market in recent years, as it opened up a whole new possibility for partnerships, making it possible for this to be the inauguration of a whole new era in the gaming industry. entertainment.

Video games and advertising

star wars fortnite One of the biggest movie hits of 2019, Star Wars: Ascenso Skywalker has bet heavily on a marketing campaign within the game Fortnite (Image: Epic Games)

When we see the testimony of people in the advertising market, it is easy to note that the Fortnite has done something historic with its events, not just for the video game media itself, but also about how it can be used for advertising purposes.

In an interview for the website Campaign, the advertising Nnamdi David, director of media strategies at Mediahub, states the events promoted by Fortnite may have finally shown advertisers that the game market is a niche worth investing in. For years, there has been a certain prejudice from companies that do not work directly with this niche even though the numbers show that it is ideal for reaching a younger audience.

David claims that the event with Travis Scott achieved all the goals of a great marketing campaign, but in the end it was much more than that, as it showed us a kind of experience that could only have worked within a video game and, at the same time, brought down what was until the last asset that TV has over the media: the possibility of holding an event Live.

J Sarah Salter, director of innovation at Wavemaker, states that the performance of Travis Scott proved to us how these virtual events can somehow replicate the same feeling that we have when we are in a real show. She also notes that this experience has further blurred the dividing lines between the real and virtual worlds, and has shown a new way to create an entertainment event that can be experienced simultaneously all over the world.

fortnite marshmello Before rapper Travis Scott, DJ Marshmello had been the first musician to perform a live show within the game (Image: Epic Games)

J for Christophe Brumby, director of strategies at Amplify, what he took out of the most interesting of these last experiences with Fortnite that they are helping to totally redefine what should be a live performance in a post world COVID-19. This is because this type of event not only allows millions of people worldwide to simultaneously participate in the same experience, but it also helps to create connections and that feeling of belonging to a group even at a time when the recommendation is that everyone is isolated within their homes.

But stop Brumby, the show of Travis Scott it should only be the first step in this new form of entertainment. He believes that, in the future, the media should find ways to ensure that players are not only spectators of these events, but that they interact directly with them, creating ways that individual and collective actions of players can directly influence the presentation. Thus, the events themselves would become games in themselves, which would further increase the players' immersion.

The Brazil of lives

And, even though the Brazilian advertising market is still a little far from the public of Fortnite, this could be the next big step for companies to start investing in this environment too, mainly because the needs caused by the COVID-19 showed that the country's public embraced the idea of ​​a virtual event.

marilia mendona live Live by singer Marlia Mendona has become the biggest live broadcast in YouTube history (Image: YouTube)

In recent months, lives (live streams made through websites such as YouTube or social networks like Instagram it's the Facebook) became a true phenomenon of public, with the show of the singer Marlia Mendona reaching 3.3 million consecutive viewers a world record on the video platform. But it is not just the musical broadcasts that have been successful in the country, and even broadcasts of political figures and entrepreneurs have attracted a larger audience than the same type of content broadcast by a TV station.

For this reason, more and more companies are betting on sponsoring these events as a way to promote their brand, and in an interview with the newspaper The New York Times The Ambev he said he believes that about 250 million people watched lives of country singers sponsored by the company. And, even though we don't know the exact number of players Fortnite in Brazil, a 2019 survey revealed that more than half of the Brazilian population plays some type of electronic game. Considering that this is still an underutilized niche by the advertising market, it becomes a great investment site for brands that want to reach a younger audience in a location without much competition from advertisements.

If you are part of this audience, we have separated a list of all the more than 100 artists who confirmed that they will be doing a live during the month of May, with the day and time when they should happen, in addition to indicating on which sites or networks they will be transmitted.

Fortnite Party

And this new way of viewing video games should be officially inaugurated with the launch of Fortnite Party, a new game mode developed so that players can interact with each other without risking being shot in the back.

Without the presence of weapons or building materials, this new method was developed to function as a stage for musical performances and a place of interaction for players who access Fortnite less for the battles and more to get together with friends, offering several mini games that can be enjoyed in groups.

The launch party took place at 10 pm on May 8 (Brasilia time) and was attended by DJs Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5, who for one hour performed live sets on the main stage of the Fortnite Party.

The event may be the official inauguration not just of a new game mode, but of a new way in which the advertising market sees games in general, and opens space for many new events of the type to take place in the coming months and years.

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