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What does this cone mean on your Galaxy smartphone?

The top of your smartphone screen is a hot spot, don't you agree? Information about time, battery, cellular connection, WiFi connection, alarms and many other items all squeeze in this area to bring you as much data as possible about your device.

But what does not always appear there tells you exactly what it came from, since it is not possible to represent everything through icons. One of the most mysterious is a triangle-shaped symbol that appears on many Samsung smartphones. Today we will clarify everything for you!

The top bar of your smartphone has as its main function to show you as much information as possible without having to consult the shortcuts, notifications or even the settings. That's why there are hours, connections, apps running in the background with notification, new message or email warning, alarms and more.

samsung icon 01
Has he appeared to you? / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Android tries, as practically as possible, to give you, through icons, everything that needs to be known about your device. When your smartphone is in silent mode, for example, a speaker may appear with waves vibrating around it; When you have an alarm set, a clock appears. Icons like these are from system services, and disappear if not enabled.

But what is the triangle cone anyway?

Have you noticed this three-piece triangle with two little arrows inside? Sounds like some warning, something dangerous. What if it has an up and down arrow, which has to do with your data, and how it usually costs money, quite worryingly, no?

The icon you may have already seen on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is one of these warnings that something in the system is turned on, and in this case the Data Protection function. This is not a Sammy-only function (in Motorola, for example, it's called Data Saver and it's in shortcuts), but its representation with a triangle with arrows,.

samsung icon 03
A little hidden / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

But calm down, your data is not running out, you have not crossed the line of your plan, nor are you having trouble connecting. This Samsung feature, called OneUI Data Protector (in the Experience interface, can be called Data Protection), is intended to help you spend less on your data package. It prevents apps from using background data, that is, when it's not actually being used by you.

How to get rid of this cone?

If the cone irritates you more than the function helps you, follow the steps. Just go to Settings> Connections> Data Usage> Data Protector and disable the function. In OneUI, this icon only appears when you pull the shortcuts, but in previous interfaces it can always be present, taking up space.

samsung icon 02
If you like, there is how to customize this function / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

You can customize, in the same area that you disable the function, which apps can consume data without background restriction, even with the function enabled.

Have you found this icon and wondered what it was?

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