What does the “Code Required” warning mean on iPhone or iPad

What does the “Code Required” warning mean on iPhone or iPad

Since iOS 9.1, there is a specific feature of the system that happens very rarely, but that ends up scaring some users. A message asking you to change the device lock code.

Even though it seems extremely bizarre (there are those who think about viruses right away), this is an iOS feature and the few who go through it don’t have to worry.

Warning code

According to Apple support, this warning is part of the system and happens from time to time with some users. They call it “Random Security System“, In which the system understands that the user has had the same password to lock the device for a long time and therefore requests the change. In terms of security, the ideal is to constantly change the password, even if this is impractical for the user.

As its name says, it appears randomly to users and it is possible that you who are reading this article will never see this warning. There are already cases (as in the iPhone 4S of our moderator) where it appears constantly. We still don’t know of any cases that happened on devices with Touch ID unlocking. We have also reported cases with Touch ID devices.

So if it ever happens to you or someone you know, know that this is just another layer of security implemented by Apple. It is strange to be so rare, but it can happen to anyone.

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