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What do you think about this concept of macOS with “fixed” windows on iOS?

inevitable: one day, in the not too distant future, iOS and macOS you will hold hands and (within the limits of each other's methods of interaction, of course) become one thing. The first signs of this merger are already between us just see the apps created within the "Marzipan Project". But when does the thing get deeper?

German video designer and editor Thomas Weinreich recently posted on YouTube his vision of how macOS would handle an elementary change in this process. According to him, the current concept of floating windows is outdated in Weinreich's words, they are difficult to organize and waste unnecessary space on our screen. The solution to this, he said, would be to adopt a scheme similar to what we already have on iOS.

In practice this would mean that the total freedom of organization we have today would be basically replaced by a Split view slightly more capable. Users could drag apps to any area and immediately split them into quadrants or halves of the screen, using four-finger gestures to do so easily.

A new integrated screen Springboo, would be the new “starting point” of the Mac experiment: It would show all of your apps and, at the top, have a history of the open screens with the apps and their respective organizations. You could modify these screens and navigate them just as you do today by sliding four fingers across the trackpad.

In Weinreich's concept, the Mac would also win windows Slide over, which could be evoked or dismissed quickly with two-finger gestures. On desktops with large screens, windows would occupy only the space required to display the contents of each software, and likewise could be arranged side by side or in quadrants.

Split View style windows concept in macOS

Certainly, this is a controversial idea: even today, one of the biggest productivity gains on a Mac (compared to an iPad, for example) is the user's freedom to organize windows as they see fit, often switching between programs. overlapping and hidden windows.

Such a drastic change would certainly require a well-extended adaptation period and make many people complain; On the other hand, considering Apple's “oversimplification” trend in its systems, it doesn't seem far from what the company could adopt in the future. What do you guys think?

via iClarified