What do you expect from Google in 2009?

At the beginning of the year and the predictions about what Google could launch this year 2009. Certainly launch fewer products and buy fewer companies than in 2007 and 2008. After all, times are bumpy.

We at Google Discovery certainly do not believe in the possibility of buying Facebook, which has been raised by the blogger Erick Schonfeld of TechcrunchWhether Marck Zuckerberg has done everything to keep his company independent of the Internet giants, or because, if this is not possible, it is unlikely that Microsoft will let this important asset go to Google.

Anyway, it costs nothing to place our bets.

I particularly present the following:

  1. GDrive (after all, dreaming of tax pay);
  2. GMail with sound and video messages;
  3. speech recognition and text-to-speech speech transformation for Google Docs; and
  4. web-based movie player to compete with Windows Media Player.

And your bets, what are we waiting for your answers.