What made Bill Gates leave the Microsoft Board of Directors? The attempt to improve the world

What do we need to get back to normal? Bill Gates reveals 5 key points to stop the pandemic

The Microsoft co-founder recognizes the challenges behind the development of a vaccine, noting that the process of reaching the market can take up to five years. However, it predicts that, in the best of scenarios, a vaccine for COVID-19 could be developed within 18 months.

Tests for disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus are essential to check whether a country can return to normal or not. Thus, he says that it is necessary to make tests available to all people with symptoms, but also to those who have been in contact with them. Ideally, homemade Rapid Diagnostic Tests, which are still in development, would be ideal.

The reopening of the economic sectors has been a topic of frequent discussion in the governments of several countries. According to Bill Gates, the return to normality in the economy will be a real challenge and serious decisions will have to be made about the number of workers who may be in a certain establishment or factory.

Monitoring the number of people who have been in contact with patients, also known as Contact Tracing, can help prevent sudden outbreaks. It should be remembered, for example, that despite the controversy over the use of mobile phone data, Apple and Google will make the COVID-19 monitoring tool available to developers in April.

The European Commission has already guaranteed that it will only approve this technology during the COVID-19 crisis, for a limited time, and if it complies with privacy rules.

In Portugal, the idea of ​​using a tool to control the movement of citizens was repeatedly dismissed by the Government, but Antnio Costa admitted to the podcast Poltica com Palavra that DGS could have access to Portuguese mobile phones to warn them that they were close to someone infected with COVID -19, but always without access to identification data.