O que oferecem os bancos digitais? 5 coisas que precisa saber

What do digital banks offer? 5 things you need to know

One thing that no one likes to have to spend hours in line to be seen at their bank to solve a small problem. In addition, traditional banks charge very high fees for everything, which is certainly uncomfortable. It is possible to avoid all this using digital banks, which offer complete solutions on your smartphone.

Check here the main information about digital banks and understand why it is really a good option.

1. More practical service

Precisely because digital banks do not have physical agencies and do not provide face-to-face service, they serve in a much more practical way. It can often be done directly via your smartphone and, in the worst case, a phone call is required.

This results in a big cut in travel costs and makes it easier to be attended. All doubts, all problems, everything you need to solve online by chat, or by phone.

Above all, the creation of your account takes place exclusively over the internet, which results in you being able to do it at your own pace, or even while doing other things.

Just download the digital bank app you want to use, either on your Android smartphone or on your iPhone, fill in the data directly on your phone and send a photo of your documents so that your registration is complete.

Then, just wait for the result, which usually takes place by email, and then wait to receive the account card. In the meantime, you can make transactions through the app!

More convenience in service offered by digital banks

2. Best apps

Another of the best benefits that digital banks offer are applications far superior to those of the competition. This is pretty obvious, since apps are the only means of service they have.

But, of course, whoever likes to have all the solutions (financial, in this case) in the palm of their hand, will really appreciate having their bank's application on their smartphone, without ever worrying about having to go to an ATM or to a branch of your bank to resolve something.

Through the applications (which, to verify, it is necessary to send a photo of yourself holding your ID), you can make transfers, generate deposit slips, access your credit card information, lock and unlock it, change your password and much more!

3. Lower rates

Extremely beneficial for everyone, regardless of the area they work in or what they want, the lowest fees charged by digital banks end up serving one of the biggest attractions.

In several of the alternatives, it is even possible to make unlimited transfers without paying absolutely anything. Examples of this are Nubank, Neon and Inter, in addition to Original. In others, it is necessary to pay some amount (but it is always much less than what you would have to pay in more traditional banks).

In the withdrawal area they can have certain disadvantages, since not all digital banks offer unlimited withdrawals. Of course, some, like Next, Inter and Neon, you can withdraw as many times as you want from 24-hour banks. However, in options like Nubank, I need to pay to cash out.

Lower rates offered by digital banks

4. High security

Anyone who cares about their virtual security (which everyone should be), will like to know that the security levels of applications are much higher than those of the most traditional ones, since they use many technological advances that competitors do not use.

In addition, your finances will be totally secure, since for a digital bank to be able to operate it must have several certificates and be authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil.

5. Different deposits

The last of the main differences found in digital banks is the way they offer you to make deposits in your account.

When you have an account with a traditional bank, you can deposit physical money in your account, either through the self-service teller or directly in person.

This is a feature that, unfortunately, is not present in almost any digital bank. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot make deposits to your account, only that the mechanisms are different.

There are two options: bank transfer, which may not be a very good option, since most TEDs are charged.

To avoid paying these fees or to use physical money to make a deposit, it is possible to issue a bank slip, which can be paid at any lottery agency. The downside of this is the fact that it can take up to three business days for the amount to fall into your account, which can be a deterrent.

Different deposits offered by digital banks

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