What could the new Amazon messaging app do for you?

Amazon is primarily known for being a trading platform, but the company is also working on other behind the scenes projects. Such as Kindle devices and the Alexa Smart Assistant. But if these rumors are proven, the online trading giant is also working on an instant messaging application and a social network.

Anytime: Amazon's messaging service

AFTVnews has published an article suggesting that Amazon is creating its own email application. The information was not confirmed by Amazon, of course, but it is certain that the company has launched a survey asking what features users would like to see in this type of application. The author of the article on AFTVnews seems pretty sure of that and even provided some extra details including the app name: Anytime.

This would be an instant messaging service that would cover everything that is already on the market. Texts, audio (calls, possibly voice messages) and video (video conferences) will be among the features of Anytime. Photography fans will also find this application beneficial as it will be possible to use "special effects and masks" on images, probably using augmented reality software such as Snapchat, MSQRD, etc.

The messenger app market is saturated.

Apparently the application would allow several different types of interaction with third parties. Making a hotel reservation was the example given by AFTVnews, which could mean using a virtual assistants system, as we have in many other applications.

Yet another messaging service still has a chance of success today?

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Snapchat already share most of the messaging market, so it will be very difficult for Amazon to get a small share. Anytime will compete with all the big competitors on the market and undoubtedly need to borrow one idea here and there to become relevant.

Goolge Allo Teaser
Google Allo has not yet won the users heart / AndroidPIT

However, Amazon will find it difficult to overcome the current range of features (message encryption, no need for a phone number, etc.). Also, take a lot more to convince users to use your app to the detriment of what is on the market.

Where is the real problem? Having multiple messaging applications is not an obstacle as many use WhatsApp in conjunction with Facebook Messenger and / or Snapchat. The problem is also not about the popularity of the developer, since Google can't establish Allo. The answer to that simple question: maybe this market is just saturated!

What do you think? Would you install an Amazon messenger app? Why?

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