what could be the game streaming service from Apple

Concept: what could be the game streaming service from Apple

Last month, rumors emerged that Apple would be interested in launching, in addition to news and video subscription services, a 100% focused on games.

According to reports, Apple is in the early stages of planning an alleged “Netflix of games” – that is, a service in which users would pay a monthly fee and have access to a catalog of free games to play on Apple devices.

The designer Thadeu Brandão – who has appeared here on the site several times with his beautiful concepts – decided to imagine how this service from Apple could be. The icing on the cake? In addition to the game platform itself, Thadeu also thought about a specific accessory that would make the experience even better and more complete.

As we can see in the video above, everything about this new game-related universe would live within a new app called Apple Control. There, users could explore four tabs: My Games (My games), Explore (To explore), Search (Search) and Controllers (Controls), strolling through the App Store games world.

Apple Control + Apple Clips

Did you find the desired title? Just touch it and the streaming get started.

But how about, in addition to a gaming platform, a very small and modern controller that would expand the capabilities of games and can be easily attached to iPhones, iPads and iPod touch? That’s the idea of Apple Clips.

Apple Control + Apple Clips

There would be two distinct pieces: on the left side we have the directional control and, on the right, the four traditional physical buttons – each piece would also have a rear button (left and right).

Apple Control + Apple Clips

Of course, it is all a vision of Thadeu – Apple has not signaled that it should follow a similar path; in fact, Apple just didn’t signal anything and all we have now is rumors. But let’s agree that the concept was very interesting!