What can be done with a damaged PowerPoint file?

If you need to create a high quality presentation quickly, what software solution do you use? You can ask a million people and 99% of them won't even have to stop to think: they'll say the Power point.

The others may remember Open Office (the cheapest), Corel Draw (the most advanced) and Keynote (because DA APPLE !!!). But it is not the opinion of the minority that matters to you now.

In this particular market, Microsoft reigns sovereign; and we are all your faithful and grateful vassals. At the end of the day: where will we be without Microsoft Office? Long live our bright future: the dark ages and damaged Powerpoint file.

What the Powerpoint?

The powerpoint It is an intuitive program that allows you to create projects of any complexity, from school reports to professional presentations. If used correctly, a simple but exceptionally advanced tool with a very wide range of functions; Besides all that, it's pretty reliable.

Unfortunately, no one is safe from data loss. It may end up with a damaged Powerpoint file for any reason, and you will only regret not having made a backup.

powerpoint file damaged error

But do not despair! THE Microsoft equipped the Power point with means to recover your damaged data. If you want to make the process more effective and less stressful, my advice: do not ignore the most current versions of the program.

In Office 98-2003, which still has many loyal users, presentations are saved as * .ppt. Companions, stop this delay! Almost two decades of the 21st century have passed: upgrade now to current software!

That makes a real difference: files * .pptx damaged, compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions, have a much better recovery rate than their older cousins.

Recovering What You Lost

Okay, so something went wrong with your file. Before proceeding, make sure that there is no problem with the device on which the presentation is stored.

Working with thumb drives or an external HDD can be a general idea, especially on an unfamiliar computer: who knows what goes with the voltage or the USB controller? The probability of something getting lost is much greater when you use external storage.

Do a disk check: The standard Windows utility will be fine. If there are any errors, copy the presentation of the damaged device to your main disk and try to open it on it. There is a chance that the problem will disappear.

If the problem is not the disk but the file * .ppt / .pptx itself, so it's time to use the built-in recovery tools. Power point.

damaged powerpoint file second error

A more current version of the program recognizes a "damaged" document in the opening phase; and if the damage is not very serious, it will suggest a solution at that time.

Double click in the file; wait for the program to load and the dialog box to appear; after To recover. Did it help? Lucky you, helped yourself! Save your presentation again and… breathe.

presentation error

Often you open the file and the dialog box will not appear. In this case, you need to access Open – File – PowerPoint – and then, in the window that appears, select the damaged file and then click the button. Open – select Open and retrieve from list.

damaged powerpoint file recover

Didn't work out? Microsoft technical support suggests some more original solutions, such as trying to copy the slides from the damaged file to a new file.

To do this, create a blank presentation – click in Create Slide – Slide Reuse – In the column that appears right, click Search – Search File and select the damaged file. The idea that the slides of the damaged presentation will be copied in the new presentation.

The second way is to try to open the damaged file as a template. The sequence of steps similar to last: open a blank presentation – on the tab Design, then click Themes – Search by Theme – and try import damaged presentation for PowerPoint in the form of a model.

Finally you can change the extent of your damaged file from .ppt for .rtf and try to use Word. You are subject to losing some data, but that would be better than nothing.

None of this worked! What can we do?

If all your efforts so far have been in vain, time to resort to specialized applications and services. Of course you could have sought professional help from the start: the easiest and guaranteed solution.

Unfortunately, not free. In fact, information is the most valuable resource we have today: so paying five or ten dollars to save an important project is not so terrible.

One of the most advanced algorithms for recovering files. .ppt / .pptx the one developed by File Master. You can recover files directly from their website. (price: $ 5 per file).

Three steps to victory: Click on the big orange button Upload file and start recovery – select the damaged file on your computer, type it your email, go through one captcha (this is the hardest part), wait – see the preview, pay $ 5 and download results. I conclude.

damaged powerpoint file program

The service informs the user in advance how many pages and objects it has been able to retrieve so that you do not spend money for nothing. If the internal file architecture is completely destroyed, which is especially common with files * .ppt created using older versions of PowerPoint 98-2003The smart program will recognize files (images, video, audio, electronic tables) contained in the presentation and save them in a separate folder.

This means you would not have much work to put together a new presentation using your recovered files.

If you need one desktop solution for Windows, which is especially relevant if you have a damaged Powerpoint file, I highly recommend tool Private Label Recovery Toolbox. The license of Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint It costs $ 27, but with it you can recover an unlimited number of files – and the confidentiality of your data will surely be guaranteed.

recovery wizard

It is an advanced program with a very simple interface: even your grandmother would learn how to use it. Seriously, don't worry. I don't need any special training. God forbid!

There are no subtle details or complicated settings: just to open Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint – select your damaged presentation – wait – and to save the results. And there are no pitfalls.

How to retrieve a Powerpoint presentation

If a Microsoft PowerPoint file does not open and internal functions cannot retrieve your PPTX / PPT file, here is what you need to do:

  • Download to Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint in the link;
  • Install and run the Recovery Toolbox for PowerPoint;
  • Select your damaged file on the first page of the program;
  • click in Advance;
  • Wait for the file to be recovered;
  • click in transfer;
  • Save your recovered presentation on Microsoft PowerPoint!