What are you doing there for Cisco? Well, a lot!

What are you doing there for Cisco? Well, a lot!

While Apple does and it happens with the iPad and iPhone 4, what would other technology companies be preparing for the market? Take the example of Cisco: if everyone is working like her, the future will be bright. For starters, let's talk about * drums! suspense! * tablet.

Meet the communication device of the modern executive, Cisco Cius, based on Android:

(youtube) http://www.youtube/watch?v=hz_9Jn7MYG4 (/ youtube)

SPOILER: it never turns on the Cius.

The tablet's capabilities are promising: HD 720p video, simplified video conferencing (Cisco TelePresence), versatile connectivity (Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n, 3G / 4G and Bluetooth 3.0 cellular networks), 7-inch screen sensitive to touch and removable battery with 8 hours of autonomy. as if they took everything that the iPad doesn’t have and put it on, adding as much focus as possible to the business environment and see that the Apple tablet doesn’t go too badly in that area.

Have more? Yes, there is! Remember the Flip camera? According to a statement by Marthin De Beer, senior vice president of emerging technologies at Cisco, her manufacturer was not purchased for her to be just a video recorder. What is the first step to expand your possibilities, then? Add Wi-Fi! I can't wait for Christmas, De Beer commented, referring to the period when the novelty should hit the shelves.

Video, camera and Wi-Fi remember what? FaceTime! Since the video-calling standard that Apple implemented on the iPhone 4 will be open to the industry, logically Cisco is very interested in opening it. A Movi-based video client will be launched for iPhones; so adopting FaceTime is something they would love to do at Cisco.

And speaking of moving images, do you remember Flash in a Pinch? Cisco is already working on a similar solution, but focused on video: the Media Experience Engine. We have a solution to the Steve Jobs problem, De Beer said triumphantly. The system would exist on the network of an operator or company and would be able to recognize any type of video and convert it to other devices, using open standards and without the need for plugins like Flash Player.

The company's interests with video go far beyond the technologies we have today, however. According to De Beers, in the long term we will use videoconferencing and telepresence resources in such a way that we will be able to walk around the three-dimensional image, of 360, of a person who is thousands of kilometers away.

That is the future and, for Cisco, it is coming!

(via Fortune Tech and Computerworld)