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What are the most used Linux distros and graphic environments in Brazil?

If you have a task that could be codenamed "impossible mission" to catalog Linux, but we will try to capture a sample here on the blog to get to know our audience and their tastes as well.

Search for Linux Users in Brazil

It's not the first time we've tried this survey, after all, it's always interesting to make comparisons to see if things change over time, but this time let's go a little further to know how Linux is used by our audience.

On February 8th, 2015, I posted the following video from the blog channel on YouTube, it might be interesting to take a look, it contains the result in our search at the time:

For comparative purposes, on November 22 this year I started a new poll on the same topic. in our Facebook group, It was highlighted for a few days and we had just over 1000 votes in all categories, below the top 10 graphical interfaces according to the members of our Facebook group: Top 10 Linux Interfaces

The poll proposal simply asked people to mark the preferred graphic interface, regardless of the Linux distribution they used.

To further refine our research and limit it only to our frequent readers and members of our group, we will post the poll here.

We count on your participation in two ways. First of all, honestly answer the questions, no need to identify yourself, and second, share this poll to other people, other groups, different districts, forums you participate in, the idea to reach as many people as possible, whether readers. Blog or Blog.

If you are unable to access the form, click here. Once we have a significant number of votes, let's make a video talking about it and compiling the result for you.


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